Leicester City Hockey Club Exclusive Sports Mouthguard Offer! 

Unleash Your Winning Smile with Smile Essential’s Exclusive Sports Mouthguard Offer!

Are you a proud member of the Leicester City Hockey Club, ready to take the field and conquer your opponents? At Smile Essential Dental Practice, we understand the thrill of the game and the importance of protecting your teeth while you’re out there giving your best shot! 

Safety First on the Field 

Hockey is an exhilarating sport that demands dedication, skill, and teamwork. It’s also a sport where unexpected collisions or contact with equipment can occur. In the heat of the game, it’s easy to forget the potential risks to your precious teeth. That’s why Smile Essential is thrilled to announce an exclusive offer for all LCHC members. 

Protect Your Winning Smile 

We believe in keeping your winning smile intact, both on and off the field. Our state-of-the-art sports mouthguards are designed to offer unparalleled protection, ensuring that your teeth stay safe during every intense match. These custom-made mouthguards provide a snug fit, allowing you to breathe and communicate effortlessly while safeguarding your teeth from potential injuries.  

Affordable Protection for Champions 

Here’s the best part: as a member of LCHC, we have an exclusive offer that reduces the cost of our mouthguards massively! Mouthguards usually retail between £120 and £145 at Smile Essential. 

The discounted fees for sports mouthguards for LCHC players at Smile Essential are as follows:  

  • Single Colour: £60   
  • 2 Colours: £62  
  • Multicolour: £70  
  • With logo/personalised name: £5.00 extra.  

Extra benefits 

You are also entitled to an incredible 10% discount on most other dental treatments at Smile Essential.  

A Family Affair 

But that’s not all! The 10% discount isn’t just for you; it extends to your immediate family members too. Smile Essential believes in keeping your whole family’s smiles bright, on and off the field. 

Booking Is Easy 

To get your custom sports mouthguard and avail of this fantastic offer, simply quote the code ‘LCHC2023’ when booking your appointment with us. Remember, there’s a £30 refundable deposit to secure your booking, so you can focus on preparing for your next game. 

At Smile Essential Dental Practice, we’re not just your ordinary dental clinic; we’re your partners in maintaining your winning smile while you conquer the field. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer designed especially for you, the champions of Leicester City Hockey Club. Protect your teeth, unleash your potential, and keep smiling, because we’ve got your back, on and off the field!  

To learn more about our sports mouthguards and the benefits of protecting your teeth during sports, visit our ‘Sports Mouthguards’ page by clicking here.

Your game, your victory, your smile – Smile Essential has got you covered! Arrange an appointment today.

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