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A positive dental experience

Here at Smile Essential Dental Practice in Leicester we recognise the importance of children getting a positive experience from an early age. One mother at Smile Essential Dentist recently wrote to us and said-

“My family and I feel very lucky to have found such a welcoming dental practice in leicester. As a mother I value the relaxed waiting area with books for the children and friendly helpful receptionists.”

” The dental team are always cheerful, patient, gentle and put my children at ease giving them a positive experience.”

A white wedding!

We often whiten peoples teeth before their special day. Every woman wants the perfect wedding photos with a gleaming white smile to reflect the happiness of the day. We wanted to share Carolines before and after pictures with you and her thoughts.

“I have been absolutely thrilled with the results from my tooth whitening treatment. It was really easy and I will now have a lovely smile for my wedding later this year.”

“Thanks to Smile Essential for the great customer service too. I will be recommending you to my friends. What a fabulous result! Thank you.”

Caroline our best wishes for your BIG day!  The Smile Essential Team x

Happy to Smile again

Here at Smile Essential we strive to offer the best dental solutions to your problems. However we appreciate that picking a dentist can be a difficult choice especially if you are nervous. That’s why we love to share our videos of the real people we have helped, so you don’t have to just take our word for the exceptional service and treatment we deliver. If you have any dental concerns or know someone that does, we are here to help and offer any advice to find you the right solution. Just get in touch.

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We have had some great news at Smile Essential. Adele our lovely receptionist is expecting her third child on June 7th 2013. We wish Adele, husband Andy and their two girls our heart felt congratulations. Though we will be sad to lose her while on maternity leave. But probably not as much as some of you, our patients. Adele always offers a warm welcome and she is the first port of call when getting in touch with the practice.

It’s a well documented fact that dental related problems can occur while pregnant. Taking care of your oral health is crucial during your pregnancy. All that progesterone and oestrogen swimming around your body can cause gums to soften and bleed leaving you more susceptible to gum disease, sensitivity and other tooth problems.  During pregnancy your blood flow increases by 30-50%, which explains those radiant rosy cheeks but also explains the increased blood flow to your gums that can cause gum problems. In the UK half of all pregnant woman suffer from pregnancy gingivitis (combined gum disease and sensitivity) which left untreated could effect both mother and baby. But  follow these simple tips and being pregnant shouldn’t really pose to much of a problem.

  • Make an appointment: It’s vital your Dentist can monitor the overall health of your mouth and give any necessary treatment or advice.
  • Brushing: It is more important than ever to brush and floss your teeth effectively during your pregnancy. Brush regularly and thoroughly (though not too vigorously) after meals or sugary snacks, at least twice a day.
  • Invest in a good toothbrush: Using an electric/battery operated brush with fluoride toothpaste will ensure a thorough clean. If your budget is limited to a manual brush, opt for a soft, but firm bristled brush that will reach all those hard-to-get-to areas at the back of your mouth. It’s also important to floss at least once a day.
  • If you’re suffering from pregnancy sickness: Avoid the temptation to brush immediately after being sick, the acid from your stomach can cause tooth erosion which will worsen with brushing. Opt for a drink of water instead and return to brushing your teeth around an hour later.
  • Rinse aid: Pregnancy sickness is common and the acid can be very damaging to the surface of your teeth. If you experience pregnancy sickness make sure you rinse your teeth with mouthwash. Opt for a minty flavour that will refresh rather than adding to the nausea!
  • Mini brush and paste: Pregnancy can induce sugary cravings which you can ward off by cleaning your teeth on the go. Keep a mini brush and tube of paste in your bag at the ready for when those cravings strike.  
  • Watch your diet: Try not to give in to too many sugary cravings and stick to a healthy, well balanced diet packed with nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables.

And remember if at all concerned talk to your dentist.

Part of the Smile Essential family

We thought we would share this lovely lady’s experience of coming to the Dentist. It’s reassuring to know we make people comfortable enough to ask any questions and that they appreciate the exceptional approach we have to forging lasting relationships to ensure you have great dental health for the rest of your life.

When choosing a Dentist we understand it can be quite a daunting task, throw in some nerves, perhaps a previous bad experience and fearing the worst for your teeth and gums.  It is understandable why people often put off coming to the Dentist. But it is a fear that is unnecessary as even the most complex of cases will only become more complex as time goes on. With the consultations at Smile Essential Dentist we really take the time to get to know you to offer a tailor-made solution. After the Dentist does a thorough dental health check they will sit and explain any treatment that is required, give any appropriate choices and a treatment summary which is a step by step guide of what’s required at any subsequent appointments.

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The art of fillings

It’s a new year, and everyone has resolutions to make changes in their lives. Teeth are no exception in the whole make-changes-for-the-better thing. They need a makeover too! Even if it’s just as simple as getting your old silver/mercury fillings exchanged for new tooth coloured ones. There has never been a better time as Nik and Lina both attended an advanced composite fillings course (white or tooth coloured fillings to you or I) and have now completed quite a few fillings with the latest techniques. We thought we would share a few pictures with you. If you are a member at Smile Essential Dentist on our Smile Plan you can save 15% discount on cosmetic fillings too!