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Understanding dental lingo – what is your dentist actually saying…

Ever wondered what the dentist is saying to the nurse? We tried to gain some insight into this by asking a few non-dental friends what they thought the dentist was saying… the answer resembled something like this ‘147abd missing’.

The mouth may be just a small part of our overall anatomy but it is a very important part, with many different aspects.

Below you will discover the key elements of your dental anatomy and some of the things the dental team discuss when you are having a dental health exam.

Soft Tissues
This refers to the ‘soft areas of your mouth such as the gums and tongue.

Means dental decay, teeth that have decay need further treatment.

The gap between your front teeth

The sharp, chisel-shaped front teeth (four upper, four lower) used for cutting food.

Sometimes called cuspids, these teeth are shaped like points (cusps) and are used for tearing and grasping food.

These teeth have two pointed cusps on their biting surface and are sometimes referred to as bicuspids. The premolars are for crushing and tearing food.

Used for grinding and chewing food, these teeth have several cusps on the biting surface to help in this process.

This is the top part of the tooth, and the only part you can normally see. The shape of the crown determines the tooth’s function. For example, front teeth are sharp and chisel-shaped for cutting, while molars have flat surfaces for grinding and chewing.

Gum line
It is the location where the tooth and the gums meet. Without proper brushing and flossing, plaque can build up at the gum line, leading to gingivitis and gum disease.

It is two-thirds of the tooth that is embedded in bone and serves as an anchor to hold the tooth in place.

Enamel is the outer and hardest part of the tooth that has the most mineralized tissue in the body. It can be damaged by decay if teeth are not cared for properly.

The layer of the tooth under the enamel. If decay makes it through the enamel, it next attacks the dentin — where millions of tiny tubes lead directly to the dental pulp.

Tender to touch. If a tooth is tender to touch it helps the dentist to identify a possible problem.

BPE Score
These are gum scores that the dentist uses to assess the overall health of your gums and if hygiene treatment (scale and polish) is required. 0 is the best and 4 requires greater attention.

Partially erupted – when a tooth is starting to come through but isn’t fully erupted yet.

We hope this brief guide helps you our dental patients to have a little more insight into what we are discussing at your dental appointments in our Leicester dental practice.

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I would recommend Smile Essential Leicester Dental Practice…

I have been coming to the practice for around 10 years. I have had the most top quality care from all of the practitioners. I have had procedures from braces, fillings and tooth removals and all have been dealt with to professionalism.

I would recommend Smile Essential to many of my friends and family as I feel they deliver the service you require with a smile.

Mrs Y.O, Leicester.

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6 Key components to consider if you want a beautiful smile…


1) A Healthy Mouth

Our first priority with all of the new patients at Smile Essential is oral health. No cosmetic work can be carried out if there are any health concerns. Teeth should be free of plaque and dental decay. It’s like building a house on bad foundations – it will look good at first but soon it will fall and require extensive work.

A healthy mouth is the first step towards a beautiful smile. Healthy is beautiful.

2) Straight Teeth

Straight teeth are not only more aesthetically pleasing but they are also much easier to keep clean. This in turns improves most people’s oral hygiene so their mouth is healthier and they are much more likely to keep their teeth for life.

There are now many options to straighten your teeth quickly and effectively using cosmetic braces.

3) Whiter Teeth

Teeth discolour as we get older having white teeth is associated with being younger and healthier so ultimately more attractive.

You can use tooth whitening toothpaste which may help keep stains at bay. However, if you want to lighten your teeth by several shades then professional tooth whitening such as our Enlighten Ultimate will be more effective.

3) Healthy Gums

Healthy gums should be pale pink and in the right proportions. Unhealthy gums can be red, inflamed and bleeding. It is also likely to cause bad breath and long-term problems. Sometimes there can be some gum recession of which can be treated if significant.

Occasionally people can have a problem with showing too much gum when they smile. this is commonly called a ‘gummy smile’. If this is affecting you then there is a treatment that works to temporarily fix this.

4) No Missing Teeth

Missing teeth tend to draw attention. There are many treatments now available to replace missing teeth including implants, bridges and dentures.

Missing teeth can also affect your other teeth by causing tooth movement – teeth drifting into the space of the missing tooth. Which causes further problems.

5) Fix Chipped or Broken Teeth

Chipped or broken teeth are perceived as weak and uncared for. They also cause the eye to hone in on the flaw, distracting from the symmetry of your smile (and face).

6) Owning Your Uniqueness

Sometimes flaws in your smile can actually make it beautiful if you believe so. An obvious role model here is Madonna – she has a gap between her teeth but has decided to embrace it and it is beautiful!

Beautiful smile creation is about blending art and science – Dr Niket Patel

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Just a fantastic dentist…

Smile Essential has been fantastic, the team are welcoming and put you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Everything at Smile Essential is explained fully so you know what is being done, making it a pleasant experience.

A big thanks to all the team at Smile Essential!

Mr D.S, Narborough Road, Leicester.

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Shocking! You need to read this before using your toothbrush again….

Did you know that your innocent looking toothbrush could be home to more than 100 million bacteria including E. coli and staphylococci (Staph) bacteria according to a UK study?

Your mouth is full of bacteria and if you have been unwell recently then viruses and bacteria can live for weeks on your toothbrush so every time you brush you could be making yourself poorly again. It could also be spreading onto your family’s toothbrushes, in turn, making them unwell.

If you keep your toothbrush next to your bathroom sink then you need to stop right now! In fact, throw it away and get a new one. Not only will your toothbrush have splashes of germs from handwashing but if anyone flushes the toilet you will be sending particles of faecal – yep poo, into the air and likely landing on your toothbrush.

We’re not suggesting you stop brushing your teeth just take some simple steps to take care of your toothbrush.

Here are our top tips for keeping your toothbrush clean

1) Replace your brush often, at least once every 3 months. Replacing your brush stops the germs from building up to undesirable levels.

2) Don’t keep your brush out in the open bathroom to avoid handwashing germs and toilet germs. Keep them either in your bathroom cupboard or airing cupboard.

3) Don’t store your family’s toothbrush together in the same cup holder. There are many individual holders now which stop the toothbrushes from coming into contact with one another. This will help minimise the chances of cross infection.

4) Make sure to give your toothbrush a good rinse after using. This will help to wash away any germy plaque and food deposits. It would also help to occasional soak your toothbrush in an antibacterial mouthwash occasionally.

5) Let your toothbrush dry out between uses. The germs in your mouth love a damp environment that’s why they do so well in your mouth. You can help your toothbrush to dry out by leaving it uncovered. Storing your toothbrush in a plastic bag or using a toothbrush cap could actually be more unhygienic then leaving it uncovered.

Regular visits to your dentist are essential to keep your mouth healthy…

I can’t speak highly enough of this dental practice…

Thank you Smile Essential, I am so pleased with my tooth whitening recently, I can’t speak highly enough of you! All the staff were so friendly, the dentist was really approachable I felt I could ask anything, a lovely clean environment, flexible with appointments. Very good.

Thank you.

Miss D.P, Leicestershire

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