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After Care at the Dentist…


After care is something that should be important to everyone from doctors to dentists. Checking that you’re happy with the outcome and are doing ok is of paramount importance to us and the whole of the dental team.  Whether you’re travelling from Oadby, Leicester to see us or from Australia, we like to keep in touch and check that your happy.

We received a lovely email this morning:

Hi Adele,

Thanks for the courtesy call this morning regarding my new dentures.

I’m very pleased with them, they are much better than I imagined, they’re so light and fit well and I’m getting used to them reasonably quickly.

Please thank Shrik for me and also I really appreciate everyone’s caring nature at the dentist.


Mrs P, Leicestershire


Are You Guilty of This?



The number one reason people stay away from the dentist is because they think they simply can’t afford it.  According to Simply Health a staggering 44% of people don’t attend the dentist because they can’t afford it. As a dental practice we were surprised that this outnumbered people with actual dental fear at 29%.

Interestingly the 3rd highest figure for people avoiding the dentist was fear that they have left it too long and the cost would be too high. So while we know the longer you leave it the more it’s going to cost theory. The impeding dental bill is something that can be ignored generally until toothache comes along.

So what are your options?

1) Firstly it’s a general belief that dentistry is expensive? But is it? It’s probably more of a question of value. What value do you place on your teeth?  Nowadays a haircut is more expensive then a dental health check. According to the Mail  Online women spend around £30,000 a life time on their hair! (our dental plan is £12.40 a month!)

2) Bite the bullet and go for a Dental Health Check. Sometimes it’s the not knowing that’s worse. We see it everyday at Smile Essential, the relief after someone has finally had a dental health check and now have a clear understanding and of what needs to be done.

3) What options in regards to finance do you have at the dentist? Membership plans are a great affordable way to budget for your dental care. Our membership plan is set at £12.40 per month, that’s about the same as your TV License! This not only includes your general care but also a 15% discount on most dental treatments.

4) What if it’s the worst case scenario and you come for Dental Health Check and the total treatment costs are alot more than you bargained for? What would happen? Generally dentists ask you to pay on appointment by appointment basis, so the cost can be broken down. Or another popular option is the 0% finance payable over 6, 10 or 12 months.

After joining a dental practice and getting sorted out, routine care is really very straight forward and all taken care of if you are on the £12.40 plan. Then going to your dentist should be as simple as going to get your hair cut, without the cost.

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Sue’s Tooth Whitening is OFF the Chart!

Have you been thinking of tooth whitening for a while, but are perhaps unsure of the options? At Smile Essential dentist we offer complimentary consultations. We will take a look at your current tooth colour, show you the tooth colour that you could achieve and the various options available to you.


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