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Who’s top of the polls in the smile factor?

A dazzling smile and beautiful teeth are simply a must have for any showbiz personality nowadays. But which famous smile comes top of the polls?

A recent survey asked 500 men and women to rate the smile of various celebs on how appealing they are. The Duchess of Cambridge came in top place with one respondant saying ” Kate Middleton has the perfect smile and unlike the showbiz celebrities she also has real class”.

Holly Willoughby came in very close at 2nd place, Holly is now the face of Oral Bs’ 3D White toothpaste with her natural, healthy, white smile.

In 3rd place American celeb Kim Kardashian who is more commonly admired for her beautiful curves.  David Beckham came in 4th place with his wife Victoria actually be voted least appealing smile. Previously at Smile Essential we have had several Patients asking for Cheryl Coles smile but Tulissa has came in 5th place so both the stars Smile Fame is probably associated with the popularity of the X-Factor.

It will be interesting over the coming months to see which celebs people come in requesting their teeth to imitate a celeb smile they admire. What’s great for us at Smile Essential is that all of the top rated smiles are smiles that are healthy and natural. They can be acheived by those of us not so famous through attending the dentist regularly to check your smile is as healthy as it can be and simply uplifting any staining through tooth whitening.

A spokesman for who conducted the survey, said they believed a good smile was a real asset for anyone. He said “It’s amazing how much we judge people by their smile. A winning grin really can open doors for anyone. What our survey found was the vast majority of people have a very similar reaction to the same celebrity smiles. Almost everyone we asked agreed that Holly Willoughby and Kate Middleton had the most beautiful, natural smiles”. “Similary almost everyone expressed suspicion when they viewed Victoria Beckhams pout. It seems we don’t trust a person who refuses to bare their teeth when they smile.

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Have you been Enlightened? Its as easy as one, two, three!

We have been offering Enlighten at Smile Essential for a few years now and earlier on this year we decided to only offer Enlighten for tooth whitening. Why did we do this? To put it simply Enlighten offers results that aren’t even comparible to other tooth whitening solutions, all of our patients have been delighted with the results and the ease of the treatment. Whats more here at Smile Essential we actually guarantee you will acheive the B1 shade, that is the lightest on our tooth shade chart.

Commonly asked questions are-

My teeth are really dark will it work for me?
Yes at Smile Essential we guarantee you will achieve the B1 shade no matter what colour your teeth were to start with.

Will my teeth be sensitive?
With some tooth whitening systems transient sensitivity can be a huge problem. However with the Enlighten system Smile Essential patients rarely report sensitivity problems that haven’t been resolved with the specially designed sensitive tooth serum contained as part of your package.

How long will the whitening last?
The results will last indefinitely as long as you look after your tooth whitening trays and carry out a top up one night every couple of months.

Do I have to be a Patient of Smile Essential?
No we carry out free tooth whitening consultations for everyone. Smile Essential has acheived the Gold standard from the British Bleaching Dental Society and we are the only Practice in Leicester to have been awarded this, so your in safe hands having your teeth whitened with us.

The process is very simple and generally takes 3 appointments. The first appointment is for a free consultation to check that your suitable and what your tooth whitening goals are, if you are happy we can take the impressions at this stage to make your uniquely designed tooth whitening trays. The second appointment is when the uniquely designed tooth whitening trays are fitted and then you start to whiten your teeth from home each evening for the next 2 weeks. Then on the final appointment at Smile Essential we complete in-surgery laser tooth whitening whilst you can relax and watch a DVD and then we will reveal your new Enlightened Smile. As easy as one, two, three!

You can get in touch with one of the friendly team at Smile Essential tel-0116 2891317 email- to book in for your free consultation or answer any further question you may have on gaining an Enlightened Smile.