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New Patients

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Your First Visit

We welcome new patients for general and cosmetic dental treatment. Our aim is to put you at ease and to ensure your first visit to the practice is enjoyable. We want to build a good relationship with you right from the start, so that you will feel confident and able to trust us with your dental care.

It's not a big deal now coming to the dentist at all, and both my daughters really like it as well…we all really like this practice.
They explain everything to you from the start to the finish…the environment's friendly, welcoming and the staff always make sure that you leave with a smile.

When you come into the practice you'll be greeted by our friendly reception team, who will check some details with you and ask you to complete a medical and dental questionnaire so that we can get to know you and you can let us know about any concerns that may affect your treatment. Once you've completed the questionnaire we'll talk to you to get to know you better and let you ask any questions you might have.

Once we've answered your questions we'll carry out a thorough 10-point dental health check, including a mouth cancer screening and any necessary x-rays and photographs. Our full 10-point check comprises:

Your awareness of the health of your mouth
The health of your teeth
The health, stability and appearance of any restorations (eg fillings, crowns)
The health of your gums
The health of the bones supporting your teeth
Plaque control and homecare regime
The comfort and health of your bite (how teeth meet together)
Signs of toothwear/grinding or clenching
The health of your jaw joint
Mouth cancer check
BDA Good Practice Member

Once our checks are complete, we'll go through our findings and discuss your treatment options and choices. We are very open and clear about the cost of proposed treatment and give every patient a detailed treatment plan with a written estimate of costs.

Our main concern is that you feel happy, confident and relaxed. We are here to take care of you and to address your dental concerns calmly and thoroughly.

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