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AirFlow Stain Removal

I want to improve my smile » AirFlow Stain Removal

If you are looking to remove tooth staining caused by red wine, tea, coffee, curries or smoking then our AirFlow treatment could be just the ticket.

Although this treatment is not a tooth whitening therapy, the AirFlow will significantly improve tooth brightness and give you a noticeably sparkling fresh healthy mouth in an instant.

For great results we usually book this as an extra boost to your smile after a hygiene visit. Your teeth will feel fantastically smooth and fresh after AirFlow polishing.

What is Airflow Polishing?

AirFlow polishing is a hygiene cleaning treatment that uses a mixture of air, jet water and fine powder to gently and effectively blast away stubborn stains and any plaque on your teeth, returning them to their natural whiteness.

This treatment does not include chemicals and poses no risk to patients. AirFlow is an advanced polishing treatment that allows you to walk away the same day with amazingly clean results.

AirFlow gets into the nooks and crannies of your teeth, giving you a really effective and overall hygiene clean, leaving you with healthier teeth and gums and a naturally brighter smile.

Do I have to book a special appointment for AirFlow?

AirFlow is ideal as an add-on after your usual hygiene appointment for busy people, especially for professionals who engage clients every day and want to look their best.

Will it whiten my teeth?

Your teeth will certainly look whiter and brighter as AirFlow returns them to their natural whiteness. However, tooth whitening is still the best solution for improving the whiteness of your smile by any more than two shades. AirFlow is perfect after a hygiene session and before whitening to ensure you get the best results from your whitening treatment.

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