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A First, First Class Experience at a Dental Practice

dentist that listens

My first experience with Smile Essential Dentist was very satisfactory!

The dental team is efficient and friendly. When I phone them my calls are answered promptly. The dentist listened to my dental concerns and explained fully the options of treatment to me. It is a dentist that I feel really care about my dental problems and I highly recommend Smile Essential dental practice.

Mrs SO. Leicester

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Interview Exclusive With Dentist Dr Niket Patel…

Interview with the dentist Nik PatelHow long have you been a dentist for? I’ve been a dentist for 17 years.

Do you enjoy being a dentist? I love being a dentist. I’m very passionate about dentistry.

What do you love about being a dentist? Having the knowledge and skill to transform people’s teeth so that they can smile with confidence. To change peoples misconception about the dentist, to take the fear out and be able for them to regain their confidence and faith back with dentist.

You said you have been a dentist for 17 years, have you seen many changes over that time? I have seen many changes over the last 17 years . One of the biggest changes in dentistry was the introduction of the new NHS contracts back in 2006. This contract has changed the way dentistry is delivered in the UK.

There have been revolutionary changes in equipment, materials and knowledge of dentistry. We are able to carry out dentistry in a more predictable way (evidence based dentistry) and with far better cosmetics.

Whats your favourite dental treatment and why?  My favourite type of treatment is a smile makeover. I have been on many courses around the country and learnt from some of the best in the world. I have attended courses by Newton Fahl – a world renowned cosmetic dentist –he taught me how to create beautiful teeth by using a composite material. Pascal Magne-another world authority on cosmetic dentistry- taught me how important it is to preserve tooth structure-one of his lectures was on ‘No crowns or posts’-this has changed the way I do dentistry. I am more conservative in my approach now.

What do you enjoy doing outside of dentistry?

Outside of work I’m happily married to a chemist called Pinky and we have 2 wonderful daughters Mishka and Hana. I’m passionate about eating food and cooking, my favourite thing to cook is a roast chicken.

If you weren’t a dentist what would you be doing? I would be a chef-travel the world, trying different cuisines and publish a recipe book.

Whats your favourite type of food? I enjoy Thai and Italian but would give anything a go!

Do you have any pets? Not allowed any-wife’s orders!!! Would love a dog.

Thanks Dr Niket Patel for answering our questions.

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Smile Essential Dental Practice Seem to Have the Right Formula

Great dental team in Leicester

The dental nurses at Smile Essential Dental Practice are so welcoming and put you at ease immediately. They are interested in you and that personal touch helps when contemplating the dental treatment you are about to undergo. The same can be said for the reception staff and of course the dentists themselves. Smile Essential seems to have got the right formula, well done!

Mrs SH. Leicestershire

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What if we did have a magic wand?

Have you heard of the Dental Wand Injection? It’s a new pain free way of giving dental anaesthetic. The way the dentist has given dental injections hasn’t really changed over the past couple of centuries. But now sweeping the country is ‘The Wand’ it’s a pain free, modern alternative to traditional injections.

The method currently being used to give anaesthetic can mean large needles and applying some pressure but with the wand it delivers anaesthetic is a much friendlier method and it’s a high-tech alternative using a computer-controlled needle. The computer decides how much micro-pressure to apply without having to use force to get the anaesthetic into the gum. The needle is also a lot smaller, it actually looks like a wand and the anaesthetic doesn’t last as long.

For nervous patients ‘having an injection’ can be the worst thing for them, but now we at Smile Essential Dental Practice are able to offer our Leicester patients this high tech alternative. It will really help to make whats already a scary journey that bit easier for them.

The reports we have had from patients so far have been fantastic and we have been using the wand on patients that aren’t nervous too. The feedback with had is that they haven’t felt a thing.

So we guess the wand really is magic.

If you’re nervous and would like to find out about the wand then please get in touch with us on 0116 2891317 or drop us an email.