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Dental Plan Membership – a real saver!

People often prefer to have private dental care because of the flexibility with appointment times compared to the limited appointments available on the NHS and the greater variety of more cosmetic treatments, e.g. such as having tooth coloured fillings rather than metal ones. 

We wanted to help our patients to budget for their regular dental care and rewarding them for their commitment to better dental health. It was with this in mind that we created our patient-focused membership plan – Smile Plan.

For a low monthly payment of just £12.40, our dental patients in Leicester can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • 6 monthly dental health checks. This includes a mouth cancer screening, all necessary x rays and photographs.
  • 6 monthly hygiene appointments. These appointments with the dentist/hygienist include a thorough assessment of your gum health, fresh breath treatment, techniques to prevent gum disease, periodontal advice, and most of all, the thorough removal of built-up plaque that causes decay and polish that refreshes your smile
  • 15% discount on most dental work you may require – including most cosmetic treatments.
  • 12-month guarantee on all restorative work (provided due care has been taken).
  • Priority appointments for your convenience.
  • Same-day assessment of dental emergencies and dental pain.
  • Dispensing of most antibiotics.
  • Emergency call out.
  • Dental insurance for treatment needed anywhere in the world as a result of a dental emergency or accidental damage to your teeth.
  • Worldwide emergency callout.
  • Redundancy protection cover

Almost all of our patients have taken advantage of our dental plan membership called Smile Plan. Is it time you started to benefit from it too? Learn more…

7 ways to get ridiculously fresh breath for date night!

Let’s be honest no one likes kissing someone with breath that’s a bit shall we say – funky! And nothing ruins the moment like worrying your breath is bad! We have 7 ridiculously easy ways for you to not only have fresh breath to have fresh, tasty breath! Pucker up here we go!

1. Nothing get’s breath fresher than a good old brush with your favourite minty toothpaste! While simple, there really is no better way then given your teeth a good scrub! If your toothbrush is older than 8-12 weeks or frayed then replace with a new one.

2. Okay, this is gross but did you know bits of food and plaque can lay trapped between your teeth for days? Ewww! Even brushing can’t get in between those tight areas of the mouth. You need to use floss or interdental brushes. Not cleaning between your teeth is like only brushing half of your mouth. It will never feel truly fresh.

3. Take a look at your tongue – like really. Look in the mirror or take a tongue selfie. If your tongue is coated in gunge chances are your breath will be a bit pongy! FYI one study found that by brushing the tongue, volunteers reduced their perception of bad breath by a whopping 70%! You can clean the tongue ideally with a tongue scraper – available at chemists or of course amazon or in the meantime a good brush with a toothbrush.

4. Drink plenty of water. Natures finest will help to keep you and your mouth hydrated which really helps to keep breath fresh. Dryer mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Get fruity! Apples are a great breath freshener as they not only smell good but the biting and chewing help to keep your mouth clean. It’s ridiculously good to taste of apples, strawberries maybe a little pineapple.

6. Mint? Lots of people have a lovely meal planned on date nights, so when it comes to finishing the meal, why not get some mint tea? It will help to rehydrate the mouth, wash away any dinner that’s stuck in your teeth and it’s fresh and subtle.

7. Watch what you put in your mouth! You know the culprits! Onions, garlic, smoking! These are all pretty hard smells to mask over so best to avoid!

If you still have bad breath? Then it’s worth scheduling an appointment with your dentist. Your teeth may require dental treatment…

7 Essential tips for brides who want to whiten their teeth…

We know planning for a wedding is pretty stressful stuff! Fun fact (not!) a study found that planning a wedding takes approx 528 hours! Well, we’re here with our ‘7 Essential tips for brides who want to whiten their teeth’ to help get to the point and save you some time!

1) Do you have enough time to whiten your teeth?

Teeth whitening can sometimes be done in one dental appointment. Often, known as power whitening, in-surgery or laser whitening. However, we believe the most effective teeth whitening is a combination of home and power/in-surgery tooth whitening. This gives more predictable results and results that can be maintained for longer.

Teeth whitening can take a few appointments and can take 3-4 weeks. It is also a good idea to finish whitening your teeth well before your wedding day. Teeth often go a little patchy in colour which settles after a few days, but that’s no good if your big day is the next day!

There can also be some transient sensitivity. This settles after completing the treatment, but as the wedding day looms, you don’t want any distractions.

2) Is your mouth healthy?

Professional teeth whitening can only be carried out on a healthy mouth. If it’s been a while since you last had a dental health check, then it’d be a good idea to get booked in. Not only do you want to be to feel fresh breath confident, but you also don’t want an unwanted dental problem to strike near your special day. 

It’s also good to be fresh breath confident when you have such a big occasion! You’ll be talking to lots of people and of course, don’t forget your first official kiss!

3) Do you have dental work in your smile line?

Most people don’t realise that teeth whitening doesn’t work on restorations. So if you have a filling, crown or veneer that’s visible when you smile and matches your current tooth shade then once you complete your teeth whitening it will be a different colour from the rest of your teeth! 

If this is the case, then you can either leave your teeth as they are or if the restoration needs replacing to do this after teeth whitening so it can be matched to your new tooth colour.

4) Think about your partner!

If you’re serious about getting your teeth whitened, then it might be worth having a sneaky peek at your other half! If you whiten your teeth and then end up the lightest shade and your partner is up there on the darker side, it might look quite noticeable on your wedding photographs. Probably worth asking him or doing the treatment with plenty of time spare so when he sees your results he’s still got enough time to come in!

teeth whitening guide leicester

5) What to do if you have left it too late

Speak to your dentist ASAP! Sometimes a good ole cleaning can bring them up a treat! We have a fantastic cleaning treatment called AirFlow stain removal you can check it out here!

6) Cost?

Professional teeth whitening is more expensive than over the counter methods. However, unlike over the counter whitening remedies, professional whitening gives unbeatable results, is safe and the results last and are easy to maintain. The cost of teeth whitening can be spread over a couple of appointments.

7) It’s always good to get personalised advice from a dental professional

Nowadays, we all Google research everything! But teeth are as unique as your fingerprint! So not surprisingly, advice varies from person to person. We often see people at the dentist want a particular treatment that is not suitable for them, or there’s a better way to help them achieve their goal. It’s always good to have an honest conversation with your dentist and let them discuss your options. 

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