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Years of professional dentistry


I’ve been coming to Smile Essential Dental Practice along Narborough road, Leicester for over 10 years.

I’ve always been a nervous client and was very happy with my 1st visit to Shrikesh hence my continuous visits over the years. The dental reception team are always pleasant and very willing to help in anyway.

At Smile Essential Dental Practice everything is made to help make your visit a good one.

Find out about becoming a patient at our ideally situated Leicester
practice: what to expect on your first visit…

Getting to know head dental nurse Emilia

head dental nurse at leicester dental practice
Emilia is a popular member of the the dental team and an integral one. She is constantly expanding her dental knowledge and skills. Emilia is always cooking up a storm in the kitchen and bringing some in for us to try!

When did you join the Smile Essential team? May 2007

Tell us a bit about yourself? I love cooking and sharing my cooking knowledge with others. I also enjoy travelling and learning about other cultures, cuisines and languages.

Your role? I am a head nurse in Smile Essential and a qualified Oral Health Educator .You can often see me working with the dentist in the surgery. Very often I work in the office updating different systems and policies including decontamination or CQC.

Favourite part of your Role? Being able to advice patient about oral health. Sometimes simple steps can change people’s lives and I love being a part of it. I am a peoples person and I love having catch up with patients on their six monthly dental health checks.

Least favourite part of your job? Working when it is sunny outside

What do you like about being part of the Smile Essential team? We all are very good friends. Everyone is always very helpful and kind. There are many hobbies we all have in common like cooking and travelling, but the best one its passion for dentistry.

What do you like about working in dentistry? Relationship I have with patients and being able to help people in gaining their confidence back.

When you were little what was your dream job? I wanted to be a police officer and catch all the baddies

Do you have any pets? Not a present, however my long term plan is to have blue staffordshire bull terrier called Bruno

Favourite film? Taken

Favourite TV programme? Come Dine with me

How important do you think a good smile is? It’s essential

Why is good dental health important? to be able to smile with confidence and when looking back on the pictures taken on holiday etc you can smile back at them.

How important are regular dental health visits? They are very important, as we can prevent for anything wrong happening in the mouth by providing the right oral hygiene and diet advice. Prevention is better than cure!

Welcomed by the Dental Care Team

family dental care near LFE, Leicester

Dear all,

I would like to extend my gratitude for the warm welcome and reassurance you give to your dental patients and to me.

I have been with your dental practice for about 9 years and am welcomed by the dental care team the moment I step into the dental practice for my dental appointment.

The dental practice is very clean, tidy and very well organised.

During the dental procedure the dentist and the dental nurse really care for me, which puts my mind at rest.

Thank you to you all once again.

Kind regards,



Sometimes only chocolates will do!

dentists view on chocolatesWhat an utter surprise and delight! A ring at the doorbell parcel just for ME!! And a lovely message spelt out of Thorntons super alphabet chocolates.

They were beautifully presented with a brown organza bow, so looked spectacular as well as tasting delicious. It was so fitting that they came at this special time of year to give me a present!

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Lina, dear Shrik and dear team! It was a privilege being looked after by you. Only the very best of tip top treatment !

You absolutely always made me feel that I had your total care, attention and skill.

I could not of had better dentistry, a dearer dental nurse to reassure me or better care from reception.

I shall always remember you.

Warmest wishes,

Love from Sue

Our newest dental team member…

leicester dental nurse

Meet Alice our newest and youngest dental team member. Alice is training to become a dental nurse and brings something really special to Smile Essential Dental Practice. Her bubbly nature and giggles keeps us all young at heart.

When did you join the Smile Essential team: 22nd of June 2015 

 Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m 16 and just finished my GCSE year, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Your role: trainee dental nurse/ apprentice.

Favourite part of your role? Learning new things and coming out my shell and getting involved with patients and making sure every patient is calm and feels comfortable.

Least favourite part of your job? Being so busy all of the time it’s a job where you are constantly on the go.

What do you like about being part of the Smile Essential team? The team are so kind and caring and just so bubbly. They are also very supportive with my training and they will help me the best they can.

What do you like about working in dentistry? Everyday is different and so interesting

When you were little what was your dream job? A police officer/ dog handler

Do you have any pets? A golden Labrador called Buster and a Chinese dwarf hamster called Barry 

Favourite film? Life as we know it or Cinderella story, I cant decide!

Favourite TV programme? The only way is Essex and Love island

How important do you think a good smile is? I think a good smile is so important because it makes a person feel so much more confident and happy within themselves and makes them look so friendly and caring.

Why is good dental health important? Because every day people see your teeth and it’s always good to have an amazingly friendly smile

How important are regular dental health visits? They are very important because we make sure everything in your mouth is healthy and in good condition and if not we will fix it to make it perfect again. 

Get smart about teeth whitening… Part one

tooth bleaching available in Narborough N

Tooth whitening or teeth bleaching is something that most of us think about at some point in our lives. Once upon a time pearly whites were regarded as a celebrity trait, nowadays though it seems even your nan is flashing a whiter and brighter smile.

So what are your options with tooth whitening and will it work for you?
More than a 100,000 people in Britain tried tooth whitening treatments last year and the market is chock-a-block with hundreds of different options to whiten your teeth.
Let’s start with the most affordable one and one you are most likely to try

Whitening toothpastes
Whitening toothpastes generally work by removing or lifting staining from surface (enamel) a bit like a good face scrub buffs away the dead skin this buffs away some of the staining but dentists often worry that they are eroding the tooth surface at the same time. The problem? Well unlike our skin always growing new layers our teeth don’t have the ability to repair themselves so when it’s gone it’s gone!
But don’t sweat it too much! Whitening toothpastes are safer than they used and whilst still abrasive they will move some surface staining so if staining is your problem then this might well do the trick in-between dental appointments

Over the counter whitening kits
Let us just say we have never ever, ever, ever, ever (get the picture) seen this work. Perhaps it has worked for someone, somewhere?

Over the internet bleaching kits
Heard the saying ‘ooh someone just walked over my grave’? Well over the internet teeth bleaching kits sends shudders like a harlem shake down most dentists spine!

These kits can have devastating consequences for people, but don’t take our word for it have a read of this news story in the mail:

There really are lots of options to whitening your teeth too many to go over in one session so keep posted for part two of ‘Be the know-it-all about tooth whitening…’

Can’t wait until then? Read about our professional, safe and guaranteed teeth whitening.