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So How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Pay?

Tooth fairy at leicester dentistBeing a Dental Clinic in the heart of Leicester Smile Essential see a number of parents and children from every part of Leicestershire, from Anstey to Oadby. We always find it intriguing to discover what the tooth fairy pays in different part of the county and how the world in general sees the tooth fairy so we thought we would investigate this a little. Here are some things we discovered:

  • It’s common for the tooth fairy to pay more for a first tooth
  • The most common amount given to Leicester children is £1
  • The tooth fairy pays more if the lost tooth has been looked after
  • In America the average is $3.70
  • Parents on the West side of Leicestershire pay more than those on the East side Leicestershire.
  • If you accidentally lose the tooth you can leave a note detailing where the tooth was lost and the tooth fairy will try to find it and a leave some money.
  • Not everybody believes that the tooth fairy is a female.

We found some interesting history on the tooth fairy thanks to Wikipedia

During the Middle Ages, other superstitions arose surrounding children’s teeth. In England, for example, children were instructed to burn their baby teeth in order to save the child from hardship in the afterlife. Children who didn’t consign their baby teeth to the fire would spend eternity searching for them in the afterlife. The Vikings, it is said, paid children for their teeth. In the Norse culture, children’s teeth and other articles belonging to children, were said to bring good luck in battle, and Scandinavian warriors hung children’s teeth on a string around their necks. But there was another reason to burn or bury baby teeth: fear of witches. In medieval Europe, it was thought that if a witch were to get hold of one of your teeth, you could be in big trouble – possession of this part of your body might give them total power over you.

The modern incarnation of these traditions into an actual tooth fairy first appeared in print in 1927 in play for children by Esther Watkins Arnold.

So how much should you pay?

Taking into account our research from our Leicester children, parents and a little help from google and wikipedia we have the following guide from the tooth fairy recommending the following

  • First tooth £2 (a large gold coin)
  • All teeth after that £1 (a gold coin)
  • If teeth have decay or aren’t looked after 50p

But remember this is just a guide and if teeth are particularly special or aren’t taken care of the tooth fairy may leave a different amount. dental practice in leicester

Leicester Dentist: a model for other dental practice’s

Smile Essential Dentists near Fosse Park

We received this lovely email from one of our Leicestershire dental patients. It’s so lovely when our local patients take the time to let us know how we are doing as a dental practice. Here at Smile Essential Dental Practice we are always striving to offer the people of Leicester the best in terms of clinical care and dental excellence.

“Hi, I just want to say a big thank you for the sympathetic and professional manner in which you treated me whilst I was suffering from a painful abscess which eventually required the tooth to be removed. On each occasion I was seen on the day of request. From front of house to “back room” I received treatment that I have never experienced before at a dental practice. You have created a practice that should be the model of all dental practices. Many thanks to Nik, Lina, and the dental nurses on the respective days (superb) and not forgetting the first impression maker, the all important reception staff. Finally to “Mr Bean” thanks for the distraction, it certainly helped.”

B. S, Narborough Road, Leicester

bda gold logo


Six Month Smiles. Watch the before video of Smile Essential’s Dental Nurse Gemma

Six Month Smiles is an adult cosmetic brace system which is fast becoming one of the most popular methods for straightening adults who want straight teeth without having to have years of orthodontic treatment. Our journey at Smile Essential Dental Practice started when Gemma a Leicestershire Dental Nurse at our Narborough road clinic decided to get her teeth straightened. Heres what she said:

“I had always had reasonably straight teeth but as I got older they seemed to get more crowded and then my front teeth started to cross over, unfortunately the first time I noticed how bad it had got was on my wedding photos! To be honest I was quite upset here were the photos of my wedding day with everything looking amazing apart from my teeth! After that I stopped showing my teeth when I had to smile in photos and it kind of made me sad. Being a dental nurse teeth are important to me and I get to be part of patients journeys to improve their smile all the time. To see people’s increase in confidence is one of the best things about my job as a dental nurse. After we completed one particular smile makeover for a woman around my age and how great her teeth now looked I knew I had to do something to sort out my crooked teeth and get my confident smile back. Smile Essential Dentist work closely with a few Leicester Orthodontists (brace specialists) and I went for a couple of consultations to see what options I had to have fixed (train tracks) cosmetic braces but I thought the brace treatment was expensive (nearly £4000!) and for me it was a huge commitment to wear braces for 2 years. I thought the alternative might have been an invisible brace system for adults called Invisalign, but was disheartened again by the cost, the 2 year commitment and the inconvenience of taking them in and out everytime I ate or have a cup of tea! I discussed my disappointment with my dental colleagues and this is where I learnt about a new revolution in straightening teeth called Six Month Smiles. To be honest it sounded to good to be true! Straight teeth in just 6 months and it was cheaper?! But I went for a consultation and as you can see from my video I had the treatment carried out. I started in November 2012 and finished in time for my romantic holiday in May 2013 with my new straight teeth! Ever since the treatment I literally dont stop smiling! I wanted to share my photo from my holiday after the treatment to show just how great my smile makeover has been and how confident I am in smiling for photos now. Six Month Smile was definitely the best option for me. Straighter teeth in just 6 months and a life time of now smiling confidently.”

Six Month Smiles is different from conventional brace systems offered at Orthodontic (braces specialists) Practices, because it works by moving or straightening the teeth that are visible when you smile and not adjusting the bite on the back teeth treatment can be completed anywhere from 4-9 months with the average smile taking 6 months. Watching Gemma’s teeth straighten with this simple yet effective brace system inspired all of the dentist to learn more about this exciting cosmetic treatment and all 3 dentists at Smile Essential Dental Clinic under went the relevant advance training in London and liaising with the Six Month Smiles Specialists so that they could offer this incredible treatment to their Leicester Patients. Six Month Smiles has proved to be very popular and understandably so. As one of Leicestershire’s leading private cosmetic dental practices we like to be at the forefront of new advances in dentistry and Six Month Smiles is certainly changing the face (literally) of the easy way for adults to straighten teeth in dentistry.

Gemma at Smile Essential Dental Practices Before and After Pictures of her 6 month smiles journey

6 month smile

Braces before and aftercosmetic braces before and after







Six Month Smiles Brace treatment means that you can straighten your teeth in time for special occasions such a weddings or if you’re escaping Leicester like Gemma for a Roman holiday and just want to smile more confidently in photos.

Six Month Smile Dentist Leicester

If you would like to find out more about this treatment you can give us a call and arrange to come and see us for a chat so you can find out what the treatment involves and if it is suitable for you: 0116 2891317



Smile Essential Dental Practice: Walk on the Wildside

Bradgate Stream

I should imagine that every Leicestershire person at some point in their life has a fond memory of Bradgate Park. Whether it’s a Sunday stroll after dinner or paddling in the River with fishing net in hand as a child on a summers day. This is a place to make life’s treasured memories and enjoy quality family time. With this in mind there doesn’t seem a more suited location to have a sponsored walk to raise money for Leicester based charity LOROS.

Dental Team from Leicester

LOROS care for around 2,500 terminally ill people across Rutland, Leicester and Leicestershire each year and hold an annual Walk on the Wildside sponsored walking event at Bradgate Park in Leicester. At Smile Essential Dentist we are committed to Patient care and this has earned us a reputation as one of Leicesters Best Dental Clinics. To do this there is a lot of work in the background at the dentist to ensure that we can offer this level of patient dental care consistently. However our work is always rewarded as we get to see a new smile or improve people’s dental anxiety. Patient care is our top priority at Smile Essential Dental Practice.  This is one of the reasons we felt that this year we would raise funds to help LOROS and the amazing patient care they provide to terminally ill people when they most need it.

And raise funds we did! With the help of our Patients, Dental Colleagues and Local Business’s we set about raising a huge £1000 for LOROS and are pleased to say that we have actually raised a massive £1166.58. So a heart felt thank you to everyone that has helped and we hope you enjoy these photos of the dental team from the event.

The youngest member of the dental team

Dental team walk begins

waterfall at Bradgate park in Leicester

dental team in leicestershire countryside 600px

dental team in the park

Deers at Bradgate Parke in Leicester

dental practice team at Bradgate Park in Leicester

Dental Clinic team in Leicestershire