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Best dentists you will ever find…

I cannot praise this dental practice enough! I have had many bad experiences with bad dentists over the years so to find such competent caring patient and skilled dentists is a rare find! A special thankyou to Shrik who is always so patient with me! Best dentists you will ever find! Keep up the good work !

Mrs J.H, Leicester.

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About Teeth Whitening…

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic treatment at our Leicester dental practice. Whitening provides a fantastic way to improve the cosmetics of your smile. We all love a bright healthy looking white smile.

It’s often a better option than alternatives to improve appearance and colour, such as veneers, because it doesn’t involve permanently altering the tooth’s structure and it’s easy to look after. Whitening offers a way to safely improve the look of your teeth as whitening won’t remove the surface of your teeth or change their shape.

Some people dream of a bright white Hollywood smile and others just want their teeth to look naturally brighter. We offer two teeth whitening treatments at our Leicester dental surgery – Enlighten Ultimate and Enlighten Home. Both our home tooth whitening treatments.

Our Enlighten Ultimate teeth whitening guarantees your teeth will reach the lightest natural colour on our tooth shade guide. With Enlighten Ultimate teeth whitening you’re guaranteed to lighten your teeth by up to 16 shades – no other system does that in the world! It combines home teeth whitening and in surgery laser whitening.

If you only wanted to lighten your shade by a few shades for a natural look or your teeth aren’t too dark then you could opt for our Enlighten Home teeth whitening. It still uses the fantastic whitening gels and trays but it doesn’t come with the laser teeth whitening at the end of treatment which guarantees the lightest shade.

Teeth whitening at our Leicester clinic generally requires around three appointments:

Appointment one: a free consultation to have a chat about your tooth whitening goals and that you are suitable. If you’re happy then we can take the impressions at this stage to make your uniquely designed tooth whitening trays.

Appointment two: is when the uniquely designed tooth whitening trays are fitted and then you start to whiten your teeth from home each evening for the next 2 weeks.

Appointment three: is a review of the tooth whitening and your results. We will also perform in-surgery laser tooth whitening. This appointment is very straightforward, wearing your custom made teeth whitening trays and a special high concentration gel you can relax and watch a DVD for an hour.

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I have been looked after fantastically…

After several years with my previous dentist – and dreading every visit – I decided I needed to change. I can’t believe the difference, not only in the quality of care but also the dentistry which is far more advanced than I have experienced before. I have just had root canal treatment and can honestly say that on each of my visits I haven’t felt the slightest bit nervous – the team have looked after me fantastically and I am very happy with the results.

Ms J.B, Leicester.

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Dental Membership Plan Offers a Real Saving…

We understand the struggles many of our patients face when trying to seek dental care. That’s why we have created a dental membership plan – Smile Plan, which caters to these needs.

The 3 key areas that we felt were important to our patients:

Priority appointments – early morning and late evening appointments are often the most popular. These appointment times are prioritised for our membership patients.

Affordable inclusive cover – our dentist’s focus is on preventative dentistry. Our membership allows you to attend for your regular dental appointments for only £12.40 per month. Attending regularly means your dentist can spot any concerns before they have a chance to develop into something more serious. We wanted our plan to cover all of your regular dental health care such as your oral health check-up, X-rays and routine six-monthly dental cleaning – scale and polish.

Discount – sometimes treatment is required or even desired. Dental treatment may be necessary in order restore your smile back to health. Or maybe you want something to make your teeth look nicer and a smile you can really feel great about. If this happens we want to help our dental plan members by offering a 15% discount on most of our dental treatments.

Here’s an overview of everything that is included in your dental membership at our Leicester clinic:

• Six monthly dental health checks. This includes a mouth cancer screening, all necessary x rays and photographs.
• Six monthly hygiene appointments. These appointments with the dentist/hygienist include a thorough assessment of your gum health, fresh breath treatment, techniques to prevent gum disease, periodontal advice, and most of all, the thorough removal of built-up plaque that causes decay and a polish that refreshes your smile.
• 15% discount on most dental work you may require – including most cosmetic treatments.
• 12-month guarantee on all restorative work (provided due care has been taken).
• Priority appointments for your convenience.
• Same day assessment of dental emergencies and dental pain, when the practice is open.
• Dispensing of most antibiotics.
• Same day assessment of dental emergencies and dental pain.
• Eligibility to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme.

*Please see your individual practice plan term and conditions to see what exactly is covered.

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Friendly and helpful Leicester dentists…

I hadn’t been to see a dentist for 12 years.I was terrified.I was recommended to Nik at Smile Essential. I was put at ease straight away, all the staff were friendly and helpful.

Nik was lovely so kind and so understanding he listened to my worries and my treatment was painless. I am no longer nervous about visiting the dentist. I would recommend Nik and his amazing team to anyone.. keep up the good work best dental practice in Leicester!!

Ms M.W, Leicester.

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