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Bad breath? Time for a coffee break

How coffee could cure bad breath

Compounds found in coffee beans prevent the release of bacteria responsible for halitosis, according to a study carried out by Tel Aviv University.  Reports from the Daily Mail and Daily Expressnote the work of Professor Mel Rosenberg, who has spent two decades studying the diagnosis and treatment of halitosis, and who is the inventor of the Dentyl range of products. He claims that while coffee has always carried a reputation for causing bad breath, tests involving the addition of black coffee to bacteria-laden saliva resulted in a reduction of odour causing gases by up to 90 per cent.

Whilst intriguing (I thought coffee actually caused bad breath!) the most important way to maintain nice fresh breath is to visit your dentist regularly for a checkups/hygeine and follow a good at home cleaning routine.

If your worried or concerned about your dental care why not book in for a check up or a free consultation with a member of the team, who can discuss your concerns.

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Forty winks

I would highly recommend everyone  to use Smile Essential, especially those who have a fear of any dental treatment.

It is the only dentist I have used where I have actually fallen asleep whilst treatment is going on!

Mrs G.H, Leicestershire