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What an Honest Review of our Dentist in Leicester

What a pleasant surprise this testimonial was when opening our messages this week.

I’d like to express my personal experience’s with Smile Essential.

For years I had left my dental care as I didn’t like going to the dentists (from bad experiences), but eventually I plucked up the courage and went.

What a surprise I was in for , polite friendly staff who explained everything at every part of the way. No pressure that you might expect from a private practice or up-selling just looking out for my own interests and teeth!

To date I have had to have some fillings and a root canal. I was wary of each one but you do not even feel the needle going in! To numb the area ,they use numbing cream before hand. The root canal did not hurt what so ever, (however there was a throbbing pain afterwards for about 12 hours but nothing compare to the sensitivity that I had felt before hand)

Keep it up Smile Essential.

Mr P.J.W, Leicester

team at reception

Smile Essential Dentist- Leicester

Dream Team

At Smile Essential dentist in Leicester we want you to have the very best dental care possible.  While we offer a number of different services you would expect from a private dentist and some you wouldn’t! Sometimes it may be necessary to work with a specialist for a specific treatment. That’s why we work with a number of local specialists in Leicestershire, from orthodontics (braces) to implants we have many close connections to match your needs and wishes. Matching you with the right specialist really enables you to receive the very best in dental care according to your desires.

Dr. Niket Patel from Smile Essential has recently been working with Dr. Duncan Ralston. Dr. Ralston is a local specialist we refer to. He and Dr. Patel have been working closely together for a number of years.

Dr. Niket Patel says-

“It’s fantastic to be working together with Duncan to give my patient implants. I always want to give  the very best treatment options so people can achieve their dental goals. I consider myself very fortunate being a dentist as we get to transform peoples lifes.”

“Working on this case has been brilliant, as I have actually been there every step of the way to ensure my patient is happy, before returning to me after her implants for the rest of her dental care.”