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Smile Essential RUNS the Race for Life 2010

On Sunday 13th June 2010, the team from Smile Essential ran the 5 km Race for Life at Loughborough.

A record number of about 3,400 women and girls took part in the race in Loughborough and they were expected to raise about £200,000 for the charity. Many were sporting fancy dress, and some were wearing touching messages about loved ones they had lost to the disease.

Practice manager  Dawn Massey said, “It’s just a really good day out. We walked round and just had a nice girly chat! We had fantastic warm-ups before the race and the weather was great.”

Dental Receptionist Adele Wright  added,”It was a fantastic atmosphere and everyone has been having a really great time. I will definitely be doing it again next year!”

Dentist Lina Kotecha  said “It was a brilliant day and very emotional. You ran along looking at all the messages people had written on their back about loved ones they had lost and it did bring a tear to your eye. Lots of our patients and family and friends have been generous to sponsor us  and it’s been brilliant to take part. It’s been lots of fun.”

Smile Essential are proud to announce that they have raised just over £1500 for Cancer Research.

Thank you to all our patients, families, friends, suppliers and labs for their generous support.

How can I prevent my teeth from becoming discoloured?

“I’ve had whitening done and I’m really happy with the results but I’m scared of them going back to how they were before. How can I prevent discoloration?”

  1. See your dentist for professional cleaning at the recommended time  (usually every 3-6mths)
  2. If drinks have a high stain potential, use a straw
  3. Remember to brush shortly after you have foods or drinks that are highly staining. If you can’t, try to rinse with lots of water.
  4. Avoid abrasive toothpastes which may wear the enamel, exposing more of the darker substructure in your tooth (the dentine)
  5. Don’t smoke!

Finally, use your home whitening kit to give you a little boost occasionally!

Discover the benefits of teeth whitening at Leicester dentist

A lifetime of eating and drinking can have a detrimental effect on your teeth. Food and drink contains colouring that over time penetrates the tooth enamel and makes the teeth lose their original colour. Certain substances are particularly bad for causing staining such as red wine and coffee. Tobacco is also very bad for causing discolouration of the teeth.

When the teeth are discoloured they can look very unattractive and it can also add years to your appearance. Yellow or discoloured teeth can therefore cause a great deal of emotional anxiety and self-esteem issues for many people. However, there are a number of ways you can improve the appearance of discoloured teeth. One of the most popular is a cosmetic procedure called teeth whitening.

This involves applying a peroxide based gel to the teeth in specially designed trays. The gel seeps into the tooth enamel and stains it white, returning the enamel to a more natural and healthy colour of white. Tooth whitening is more effective for some people than it is for others but in most cases it will produce noticeable results and in some cases can even whiten teeth by up to ten shades.

Leicester dentists offer teeth whitening as a standard procedure. This is in contrast to about ten years ago when tooth whitening was a relatively exclusive treatment that was very expensive. Greater demand and developments in technology over recent years have made tooth whitening more available and more affordable to the extent it is now considered a standard cosmetic treatment, such as a hair cut or nail appointment.

There is little or no risk involved with teeth whitening if carried out by a dentist. They can use the necessary safety equipment to protect the soft tissue areas of the mouth. The worst most patients experience is a slight feeling of sensitive teeth for a day or so after treatment.

Dental nurse Emilia graduates with flying colours


We are delighted to announce that Emilia Leszczynska is over the moon at graduating in her nursing qualification, not only achieving a very rare merit but also winning an award for the most improved student of her class – wow!!!

Many of our patients know that Emilia has been working very hard over the past 18 months to achieve her qualification in dental nursing and we are all really proud of her achievements. She has shown a very understanding approach to patient care and her constant enthusiasm to excel in patient care proves that she is a worthy asset not only to Smile Essential but the profession.