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What a wonderful dentist…

Patients feedback on our Leicester Clinic

What a wonderful dentist! I dropped them an email and they called me back (I wasn’t brave enough to call!) I am so pleased I did as I was so impressed, the girls are lovely very helpful! The last dentist I went to was so awful that I hadn’t been for quite a few years. I felt a little embarrassed but I felt reassured as soon as the dentist started chatting to me. I’m pleased I have stopped ignoring my teeth I feel so much healthier and generally better.

I would unreservedly recommend this place!

Miss M.G, Leicester.

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7 myths about the dentist…

dental myths

It’s no surprise that scare stories and myths surround dentistry and if we’re honest dentists did get off to quite a gruesome start. From the days of the medieval barber-dentist to the more recent school dentist! It’s no wonder that people fear dentists like no other medical professional and the horror stories of yesteryear have created quite a few myths concerning a trip to your local dental practice.

Here are 7 of the most common myths:

Myth: The dentist will be appalled and shocked by the state of my mouth
Fact: We have nothing but sympathy and admiration for you overcoming your worry and visiting the dental practice. It’s our passion to restore you to dental fitness and give you a smile to be proud of.

Myth: Dental Injections are painful
Fact: We go to great lengths to ensure injections are as painless as possible. We apply a topical anaesthetic first of all to numb the area and our dentists are highly skilled in delivering anaesthetic as comfortably as possible. We also have the dental wand. The wand is a digital way of delivering anaesthetic which is pain-free.

Myth: Private dentistry is expensive
Fact: We believe our prices are reasonable and reflect the high level of service and dental care we provide. We offer a membership plan which most of our patients have joined and also interest-free finance for any extensive dental work.

Myth: The dentist doesn’t have time for me
Fact: We allow generous appointment times because it’s important that you don’t feel rushed and the dentist has time to chat with you. Our whole dental team is there to make your journey and time as pleasant as possible. On arrival, we will even make you a cup of tea – absolutely no rushing.

Myth: My teeth seem okay so I don’t need to visit the dentist
Fact: Regular dental health checks are extremely important. Dentistry nowadays is more about prevention than treatment. Seeing us regularly will result in less invasive dental work in the future.

Myth: I don’t need to see the dentist for gum problems
Fact: Gum problems such as bleeding when brushing could be a sign of gum disease. It’s surprising how many people see this as just ‘the norm’ for their mouth. Gum disease is caused by a build-up of dental plaque, it can be treated easily and reversed but it does require a visit to the dentist.

Myth: I only need to go the dentist if I have pain or a problem
Fact: Waiting until you have pain or a problem could result in more complex dental work and even tooth loss. Attending for regular dental health checks helps to catch problems early and in most cases prevent issues from arising in the first place.

At Smile Essential we pride ourselves on delivering dentistry with kindness and compassion. Not to boast but we have even won an award for customer service and have been dental phobia certified.

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Polite and reassuring dental practice…

Dentist testimonial

In my limited experience with Smile Essential so far, all of the staff have been polite and reassuring. Whilst I cannot comment on the skill of their dentists due to my lack of knowledge, I can safely say that the people I interacted with were some of the most helpful I have ever had the pleasure of encountering in such a setting.

Mr J.M, Leicester.

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The nicest dentists I have ever visited…


Dentists LeicesterThe nicest dentists I have ever visited. The building and equipment is all new and the staff are all lovely.

I saw Lina who explained every step of the process to me and was more than helpful for any questions I had. She went out of her way to help get my treatment done as soon as possible and always made me comfortable.

Mrs K.B, Leicester

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Ultimate tooth sensitivity guide…


Tooth sensitivity is a common complaint at our Leicester dental practice. According to the International Dental Journal, 57 percent of adults between the ages of 20 to 50 report having sensitive teeth. The good news is that with most tooth sensitivity it can be easily treated at home.

What causes sensitivity?
Tooth sensitivity is most often caused when the dentine of the tooth becomes exposed. The whitest part of the tooth we see has a layer of enamel that protects the softer dentine underneath. If the dentine is exposed, a tooth can become sensitive. This usually happens where the tooth and the gum meet and the enamel layer is much thinner. It is the microscopic dentinal tubules that transmit the temperatures of the drinks and foods that we consume straight to the nerve cells of the tooth. Suddenly, you can have teeth sensitive to hot or cold.

tooth sensitivity

The most common causes of dentine exposure:

Abrasion – Incorrect toothbrushing by scrubbing the teeth especially where the teeth meet the gums
Recession – Gums can recede with age – becoming long in the tooth! The roots of the teeth will become exposed and can become more sensitive
Erosion – frequently consuming highly acidic foods and beverages can erode the enamel leaving the dentine exposed
Gum disease – a build-up of plaque or tartar can cause gum recession and even destroy the bony support of the tooth. Difficult to clean pockets can form around the tooth making the problem worse
Cracked tooth or filling – a cracked tooth or filling can allow direct access down into the dentine
Bruxism – commonly referred to as tooth grinding. Bruxism can cause the enamel of the teeth to be worn away, making the teeth sensitive

How to fix it?
In order to fix tooth sensitivity, it’s important to understand what has caused it. We would always recommend a trip to the dentist to give you an accurate diagnosis, treatment advice and guidance in preventing further issues.

However, for most people suffering from general tooth sensitivity they can successfully manage their symptoms by using a desensitising toothpaste.

Sensitive toothpaste’s work by blocking the tiny dentinal tubules creating a barrier so they can’t transmit hot or cold sensations to the nerve area of the tooth.

When using a sensitive toothpaste it’s important to remember:

• Don’t rinse out after brushing with it. It has to stay on the teeth for a while in order to work.
• Allow some time before deciding if it is helping or not
• When you have found a toothpaste which works for you don’t switch to another. Not all sensitive toothpaste have the same ingredients.

Handy tip! If you have a particularly sensitive tooth try massaging the sensitive toothpaste into that area for a full minute. this can significantly reduce sensitivity.

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Service with a smile…

what people say about our Leicester dentist

I have been coming to the practice for around 10 years. I have had the most top quality care from all of the dental practitioners. I have had many procedures such as braces, fillings and tooth removals. All have been dealt with the correct way and top professionalism. I would recommend them to my friends and family.

They deliver the service you require with a smile.

Mrs Y.O, Leicester.

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