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How clean is your dentists loo?


Dentist loo leicester

Choosing a dental practice can be tricky, what should you look for? There are so many things to consider nowadays whether you are looking for cosmetic work, you’re nervous or just want somewhere decent to take the kids. With recent press coverage of a local dentist and his hygiene procedures this is now another consideration for you to think about when choosing a new dentist.

What sort of safety considerations and questions should you look for:

  1. What are their decontamination and sterilisation procedures?
  2. Are all of the staff registered with the General Dental Council?
  3. Does it look a clean, fresh and friendly environment?
  4. What are other people saying about them?
  5. How clean is their loo?

How clean is their loo?

This can sound like a daft question but, how often will you judge a cafe, bar or any public place by the state of their loo? In truth you might feel a little uncomfortable asking to see your dentist decontamination procedures but asking to nip to their loo is easy.

Smile Essential’s Decontamination Key Points:

  • Use single use (disposable) dental items when possible (gloves, needles etc)
  • Surfaces disinfected with a specialised solution between patients.
  • Dental instruments are cleaned and processed away from the dental room in a special decontamination room.
  • Sterilisation of instruments using a dental autoclave
  • Items and dental instruments are stored in sealed in pouch envelopes designed for dentistry where possible or where not in a sealed container.
  • All dental staff undergo significant decontamination training and continual development.
  • Regular testing and maintenance of dental equipment and appliances.

As you can see there is a lot more to do then just washing your hands and cleaning a few instruments.

Dental Decontamination Room at our Leicester Clinic

dental decom room in leicester



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Give me 6 Months and I’ll Give You Straight Teeth

Six Month Smiles Braces

Cosmetic brace system that takes just 6 months to straighten your teeth…

Six Month Smiles Cosmetic brace system is a pioneering new development used for straightening teeth fast! The American system has revolutionised the method for teeth straightening using specialised clear braces to gently straighten and align teeth in an average time of just six months!

Overall the treatment aims to reduce cost, save time and give great results. Now you can get the smile you deserve in an average time of just six months. If you’re an adult that would like to improve the appearance of crooked, misaligned or gappy teeth in the minimum amount of time, without the hassle and inconvenience of traditional brace methods or invasive dental treatments; then Six Month Smiles cosmetic brace system could be a great option for you.

How long have you hated your teeth for?

If you have read the first two paragraphs chances are that you don’t like something about your smile and problems like this rarely occur over night. How many times have you looked at your smile in the mirror when brushing your teeth and wished it was different? How many times do you look at a photo and hate your smile or worse of all not smile at all! It’s incredible how many people we see at Smile Essential Dental Practice that don’t actually smile because they are ashamed and embarrassed about their teeth and smile. The one thing that they all have in common is that they wish they had come sooner. Nowadays you could spend years hating your teeth and being scared of the dentist when actually dental clinics like Smile Essential in Leicester can give you a really wow customer experience and offer extensive treatments like 6 month smiles, quickly and effectively.

How soon do you want straight teeth?

Treatment takes anywhere from 4 to 9 months, but most people complete treatment in just 6 months. With conventional braces the average treatment is between 18 months and 2 years, this is what makes Six Month Smiles such a popular choice for adults. Once you have been in for your consultation the dentist will be able to give you an idea of how long they expect the treatment to take. Our dental practice is conveniently located close to Fosse Park so you could tie us in with some Christmas shopping!

Finance options are available for most of our dental treatments and are popular with our cosmetic brace system.

We offer a range of finance options so you can spread the cost of treatment for peace of mind. Our most popular finance option for Six Month Smiles is our 12 month 0% interest offer. If you would like to repay over a longer amount of time we also offer finance at a competitive 9.9APR from 24 up to 60 months. You can calculate what to borrow and the monthly costs on our handy finance calculator.

So are you interested in taking the next step at our Leicester dental clinic?

The next step that we recommend is for you to come and see us for a complimentary dental consultation. It’s completely free and is just to have a chat with the treatment coordinator and dentist to check what your concerns are, what you would like to achieve, we will check to see if it’s possible and discuss your options. If you and the dentist are both happy then the next step is to book in for a full orthodontic assessment appointment to start your journey to a healthy, straight and confident smile.

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