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Adult braces explained- it’s easier than you think…

Woman smiling with nice straight teeth

Many people are not happy with how their front teeth look when they smile and it can affect many areas of their life. Most adults are put off wearing braces because they don’t want the metal ‘train tracks’ for a couple of years.

However, with modern advances in orthodontics, there are now many options to straighten your teeth. Cosmetic brace systems such as Clear Smile Brace or Six Month Smiles are a rapid and cosmetic orthodontic system that focuses mainly on correcting the front 10 teeth.

The speed and cosmetically pleasing appearance of these brace systems means it can be an appealing option to give you a great straighter smile and more quickly than conventional brace systems.

Treatment generally takes between 4- 9 months with an average treatment time of around 6 months.

adult brace after photo

cosmetic braces

The easy steps…

Free Cosmetic Consultation

The first step is to come and see us at Smile Essential for a free cosmetic consultation. At your dental appointment, the dentist will take a full history and listen to how you would like to change your smile.
You and the dentist can then plan out your goals of the treatment and result you would want to achieve. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have at this stage. The dentist will check your suitability for cosmetic braces and if suitable recommend you return for a full orthodontic assessment.

Full Orthodontic Consultation

A series of records need to be taken including photos, x-rays and impressions of your teeth. This will enable the dentist to provide you with a virtual set-up of the teeth and how they will look after the treatment. A full treatment plan will be provided along with likely timescales, fees and finance options.

Braces Fitting Appointment

Once you have consented and are happy with the treatment the dentist can get you started on your journey to new straighter teeth. The dentist will begin to bond the brackets to your teeth using a special adhesive. Then hi-tech flexible archwires are attached to the brackets. These wires will generate gentle forces that will start to gradually move your teeth into position.

Full instructions on brace care, diet and oral hygiene will be given. You will be able to ask any questions you have. Then you will book your first adjustment appointment usually about four weeks later.

Brace Adjustment Appointments

The adjustment appointments are usually around 30 minutes every 4 weeks until your teeth are fully aligned. At these appointments, space is created to allow movement and the archwires are replaced to generate appropriate tooth movements.

Once you are happy with the results, impressions are taken to create a custom retainer.

Braces Removal

This is an exciting appointment- the BIG reveal! Your braces are quickly and gently removed with a specially designed instrument. Your teeth are then cleaned and polished to leave a smooth surface. Your retainers are also fitted at this appointment to prevent your teeth from relapsing. Photos and final impressions are taken to record the final result. Full aftercare instructions are given and a retainer review appointment is scheduled. The whole appointment takes about an hour.

You’ll now be able to enjoy your wonderful new smile!

At the moment we are offering free tooth whitening with all cosmetic brace systems. To find out about booking an appointment click here.

Dental reviews Leicester

Our dentist is brilliant…

Leicester dental clinic review

Smile Essential is the most caring and professional dental practice we have had the good fortune to attend. The dental team are friendly, polite, extremely welcoming and polite.

Our dentist Shrik is brilliant! He is so caring and reassuring for people less confident about undergoing dental treatment. He even got a Strictly DVD for me to watch while I had treatment – so considerate.

We have been coming to Smile Essential for ten years and would not think of changing to another dentist. They are all brilliant!

Mr and Mrs H, Leicester.

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Dental reviews Leicester


Don’t Get Us Wrong We Love Groupon But…

teeth whitening deals

We all love a bit of a saving but people are becoming more suspicious of so called perceived bargains. Tooth whitening is something we see becoming increasingly available to buy easily online. But is it the same tooth whitening stuff the dentist uses and is it safe? I’m afraid not. You might not be aware that any tooth whitening carried by a non-professional is illegal and there have been quite a few prosecutions over the last couple of years.

Now it should be said that teeth whitening treatments carried out by a professional dentist are very safe. They use only approved tooth whitening products and they also have teeth whitening trays made that are a tight fit against your teeth so the tooth whitening gel doesn’t escape into the mouth and throat.

Often the teeth whitening products we see on offer online generally do one of three things – firstly, they might not do anything and you have just wasted money and been disappointed. Secondly, it might damage your teeth, whilst teeth are the hardest material in the body subjecting them to illegal high strength acids can erode the tooth surface and cause damage to the surrounding gum area. This leaves you with weakened sensitive teeth and you may require more extensive and expensive dental care such as crowns and veneers, not such a bargain offer. Lastly, some teeth whitening kits literally just dehydrate teeth making them look a bit lighter. If you’re good with your diet then they might stay a little whiter for a week.

The best way to whiten your teeth is with a dental professional. It might not appear as the cheapest quick fix offer but it is safe, effective and gets you results. Once you have paid the initial outlay for teeth whitening then you simply whiten your teeth a one or two nights once every other month and your results will last for years and years and only cost you about fifty pounds a year.

To find out more about our Enlighten Tooth Whitening click here…

Dental reviews Leicester

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I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the service they offer you…

Patient reviews of Leicester dental clinincI can honestly say that since I have been with Smile Essential they have restored my faith in going to the dentist (only this one ). My Dentist is Shrik and I find him extremely polite and helpful I have had excellent service, and the staff are remarkably friendly.

My son who is mentally disabled loves going there especially to see Adele, she is fabulous with him and always brings a smile to his face. I would recommend them to everybody, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the service they offer you.

Mrs J,B. Leicester

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Dental reviews Leicester

AirFlow teeth polishing offers superior cleaning…

teeth stain removal

We all love that dentist feeling of clean and now that feeling has got even better thanks to a revolution in dental technology. The innovative AirFlow polishing is an electrical machine that cleans and polishes the teeth with a mixture of water, compressed air and fine powder particles.

This method is superior to traditional polishing methods. A powerful jet of water, air and fine powder polishes all the surfaces of a tooth, removing plaque, discolouration and soft deposits, it reaches into the difficult to clean interproximal (in-between) areas which tend to attract more plaque and staining. The result of using the AirFlow polisher to remove excess staining helps teeth to looks shades whiter and ultimately make the whole mouth feel much healthier.

At Smile Essential we use a combination periodontal cleaning treatment. Firstly, we remove the hard plaque deposits called calculus with hand and ultrasonic scalers, then polish teeth the traditional way with a brush and polish; finally, we finish with the AirFlow polisher. The AirFlow polisher and it’s microparticles help to lift any remaining plaque and staining.

An added advantage to the AirFlow polisher is its efficiency in removing the biofilm that sits around the teeth and gums. The damaging biofilm develops when dental plaque is colonised by bacteria and can lead to gum disease. Breaking that biofilm is the finishing touch in our most advanced cleaning system.

The AirFlow polishing system is more comfortable than traditional methods of stain removal. If you suffer like so many of our patients with sensitivity especially whilst cleaning then you’ll love the air flow polisher. The polisher doesn’t have direct contact with the teeth, so it doesn’t make a squeaky noise nor does it vibrate. In fact, the experience is quite pleasant. The air polishing powders come in a variety of flavours, our favourites are lemon and spearmint.

Click here to find out more about the AirFlow polishing…

Dental reviews Leicester