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Braces for Adults Information in Leicester…

smiling and braces

Adult braces are becoming increasingly common. People want lovely straight teeth without damaging their teeth. Dental veneers and dental crowns were once the predominant type of dental treatment for those wishing to change the position of the teeth they cared about the most – the front teeth visible when smiling because they felt that being an adult, braces weren’t an option for them, or they simply didn’t want to commit the length of time it took to get their teeth straight.

We have seen huge advancements in dental medicine over the last decade and especially around orthodontics (Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that aims to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth). Braces are becoming more commonly seen in people in their thirties, forties, fifties and sixties!

At Smile Essential Dental Practice we offer Anterior (Anterior means nearer the front) Alignment Orthodontics such as ClearSmile Brace. This works on moving the front teeth visible when you smile into a more desirable position. Which means that you get to straighten the teeth that matter to you most, in a fraction of the time it takes traditional orthodontics and because it doesn’t take as long it doesn’t cost as much as much as traditional braces.

Another reason people are more inclined to choose Anterior Alignment Orthodontics is that it is much more aesthetically pleasing. The dentist uses clear brackets rather than metal ones and the wire is covered with a white material, so they are much less visible than traditional metal train track braces. Though we find that most of our patients are just relieved that they can have the straight smile they’ve always wanted in just 6-9 months. Check out the appointment sequence here – Brace appointments are easier than you think…

How much do cosmetic braces cost? We’re always upfront about the cost involved in your treatment and provide you with a full treatment summary which lays out the sequence of appointments and the cost involved.

There are many options to finance your orthodontic treatment. We have a range of flexible options specially tailored to suit you and your needs. One of our most popular finance options is our 12 months 0% interest offer; it allows you to spread the cost of your new smile so you don’t have to make any lifestyle changes. You can see the various rates and options and work out what you can afford to borrow and the monthly costs with our handy online finance calculator .

Anterior Alignment Orthodontics are not suitable for everyone and you may require specialist treatment with an orthodontist. That’s why we offer FREE consultations to come in for a chat and an initial assessment. We currently offer complimentary teeth whitening to finish your new straighter smile perfectly. Call our friendly team to arrange a convenient appointment today.

Liked this article? Why not take a look at some before and afters of this fast affordable treatment…

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My teeth are looking whiter than ever!

dental reviews of our leicester dental clinic

I would just like to say a huge Thankyou to Lina at Smile Essential, she has done an amazing job with my teeth and I can now smile with confidence! Also, I highly recommend the Enlighten tooth whitening kit available at Smile Essential, in just two weeks my teeth are looking whiter than ever, I never thought it would be possible but I now love my new smile!

Miss G.T, Leicester.

Teeth whitening and composite build ups

Find out about our teeth whitening by clicking here…

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The nicest, kindest dentist in Leicester…

Dentist Nik Patel in Leicester

Nik is the nicest, kindest dentist. I had a fear of dentists and after discovering Smile Essential would go nowhere else. They made me feel really at ease from the moment I walked in. The receptionist had a big smile to greet me. I must admit I only use to go when I had problems but Nik never passes judgement or makes a comment, just fixes my teeth (he is so lovely!) Staff are amazing, the best dental practice I have been too (and I have visited LOTS ).

Mrs G.R, Leicester.

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Smile Plan is a summer saver in dental emergencies…

dental plan emergency cover

Summer is officially here and whether you plan on holidaying at home in the UK or jetting off to somewhere a bit further we wanted to remind you of all the extra benefits you receive if your one of the 902 members of our dental plan – Smile Plan.

Most of our new patients join our membership plan to take advantage of the 15% discount on dental treatment and ensure their long-term dental health care. But more and more of our regular patients are joining Smile Plan because it offers a simple, flexible way to pay for your dental care. It costs just £12.40 per month and covers your regular 6 monthly dental health checks, hygiene appointments and if you do require any dental treatment we give you a nice little discount of 15% on the treatment.

Whilst benefiting from the regular care and treatments of Smile Plan it’s easy to forget some of the additional perks. A toothache, broken filling or facial swelling always seems to appear at the most inconvenient times, such as on holiday. But we have good news for you if you’re a member of the dental plan.

Covered in your membership is emergency callout cover, it can be provided by any dentist anywhere in the world that agrees to treat you, subject to the terms and conditions of the Smile Plan policy. You simply pay the emergency callout charge to the dentist concerned and collect a receipted invoice. This can then be processed upon your return for reimbursement from the insurers and you will be refunded the callout fee, minus the excess, up to the policy limit. This cover is designed to give you immediate pain relief treatment only; on your return book an appointment with us at the dental practice in normal hours to review and carry out any permanent treatment that may be required.

Our membership plan is specially designed with you, our patients in mind. Because at Smile Essential, we are totally committed to providing our patients with the best quality dental care in Leicester. We want to spend more time with our patients and provide prompt treatment using the latest techniques and best quality dentistry.

Here’s a summary of all the perks you can expect by becoming a member of Smile Plan –

• 6 monthly clinical examinations
• 6 monthly hygiene appointments with dentist/hygienist for: Scaling and polishing
• Assessment of gum health
• Fresh breath treatment
• Techniques to prevent gum disease
• Periodontal advice
• Oral cancer screening
• All necessary small X-rays
• 15% discount on most dental work you may require (including most cosmetic treatments)
• 15% discount on facial rejuvenation (not to be used in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation offers)
• 12 months guarantee on all restorative work (provided due care has been taken)
• Children of plan members will be treated under NHS arrangements
• Priority appointments
• Same day assessment of dental emergencies and dental pain
• Dispensing of most antibiotics in surgery – no need for a trip to chemist or to pay the prescription charge
• Emergency callout
• Dental insurance for treatment needed anywhere in the world as a result of accidental damage to your teeth
• Worldwide emergency callout

Download the membership brochure to find out more – Smile Essential Practice Membership Plan Brochure

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Dentist reviews in Leicester…

Dental reviews of our leicester dental practice

I went to Smile Essential for my first consultation today. I was so impressed, the dentist explained everything so well, they didn’t rush at all. Now I know why my sister and her kids have been going there for years. I am looking forward to my next visit. I even bought an electric toothbrush there at half price, can’t go wrong. Thanks for a lovely, experience.

Mr G.U, Leicester.

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ClearSmile Braces Revolutionising Orthodontics…

quick orthodontic treatment in Leicester

Many people are unhappy with the way their front teeth look and in an era when your photo is being taken more and more it can highlight the problem and increase your anxiety surrounding your teeth and smiling.

If your teeth are misaligned it can seem a pretty daunting task to look at your options. Just 10 years ago options were limited to correcting wonky or uneven teeth by using conventional orthodontics or more drastic cosmetic dental procedures or learning to live with them.

Traditional orthodontics can be very off-putting due to their appearance, time involved and the cost. It’s something that people wish they had done when they were a kid.

That was until Anterior Alignment Orthodontics. Anterior (Anterior means nearer the front) Alignment Orthodontics such as ClearSmile Brace is revolutionising the way people straighten their teeth. Focusing on generally moving the front 10 teeth that are visible when you smile it dramatically reduces the treatment time and the cost involved.

ClearSmile Brace uses clear brackets fixed to the teeth and the wires are covered with a white material, so they are much less visible than traditional metal train track braces.

ClearSmile Brace wires use shape-memory technology meaning they will return to their original shape regardless of how they are bent. This creates gentle forces to move your teeth to the desired position.

Once the orthodontic treatment is completed we use a dual retention system to ensure your teeth stay straight for the rest of your life.

There are many benefits to straighter teeth, of course, the fact they are in better alignment will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your smile. But straighter teeth are also much easier to take care of. If your teeth cross over it is more likely that you will have difficult to reach places which accumulate plaque and in turn, means you are more susceptible to decay or gum disease.

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Benefit from FREE teeth whitening at the end of your treatment by booking a free consultation today call us on 0116 2891317 and take the first step to achieving that great straight smile you desire.

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