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Highly skilled Leicester dentist…

My husband and I cannot say enough great things about Smile Essential on Narborough Road, Leicester. All the staff without exception are fantastic. Nothing is too much trouble and they all make you feel welcome and more importantly relaxed.

Our dentist is the most amazing calming and caring dentist you will ever find. His skill is of the highest quality and his ability to reassure us is wonderful. So good for nervous patients…. we are not nervous now. Don’t even give it a second thought go to this dentist and they will look after you.

Mrs S.R, Leicester

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Smile Essential Dental Practice is to do their thing for BBC Children in Need!

The dental team at Smile Essential will be asking patients to check in when visiting the dental clinic and show that they are ‘Getting Their Smile On!’ to fundraise for BBC Children in Need’s 2017 Appeal. Money raised will go on to support disadvantaged children and young people all across the UK. 

Beginning November 1st we will be encouraging all patients to check in on Facebook when visiting our Leicester dental practice to encourage everyone to get their smile on for Children in Need.

It’s our passion at Smile Essential to create happy confident smiles and when we heard that Children in Need wanted people to do their thing to fundraise we thought we would encourage as many people as possible to get their smile on for Children in Need.

Taking part couldn’t be easier! Check-in on Facebook whilst waiting for your dental appointment and we will donate £1 to Children in Need. We will increase the donation to £2 if you take a picture, comment or review us. We would most of all like you to check in with a photo of you getting your smile on at our dentist and use this to check-in.

Niket Patel, Principle dentist said: “It should certainly make for an unusual time for us at the dental practice! We’ve had a great reaction from people so far, and would like to say a huge thank you to all those involved in the planning! We’d like to raise as much as possible though, so please do dig deep if you can! It’s a fantastic feeling to know we’re helping raise money for disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.”

BBC Children in Need works throughout the year to ensure that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood, and the chance to reach their full potential. It relies on the energy and commitment of thousands of fundraisers and supporters across the UK, who donate their time and money to put on events supporting the Appeal. 

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Smile Essential makes you smile on the inside as well as the outside!

Smile Essential makes you smile on the inside as well as the outside!

For a good smile, yes, your teeth need to be white & straight and Smile Essential will certainly work to fix that for you.

However, your smile also reflects your inner happiness and sense of well-being. There is nothing worse than a false smile!

I am a full-time carer for my elderly mother, who has severe dementia. The service which my mother and I receive at Smile Essential is exceptional.

I cannot speak too highly of the sensitive yet professional approach of the staff at every level, particularly regarding my mother.

So, to improve both your inner and your outer smile, I would recommend Smile Essential

Mr D.N, Leicester.

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Feel confident with my new smile…

happy smiling patientBefore seeing Nik, one of the dentists at Smile Essential I felt very self-conscious about my teeth. I would hide my smile with my hand.

I’m so pleased my sister recommended to this dental practice. I didn’t need as much work doing as I thought and I was impressed with the level of care I received.

I now feel confident with my new smile and don’t hide it anymore!

Mrs.K.G, Leicester. 

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Here’s a guide on what your tongue says about your health…

Dental Health Tongue Guide

If your eyes are the windows to your soul than your tongue has to be a window to your overall health.

When we think about our visit to your local dental practice we often picture the dentist checking our teeth but never our tongue. It might surprise you to know that during our dental health checks at Smile Essential dental practice the first thing we actually check is the tongue!

We check that it looks healthy and also that the other soft tissues, glands and throat are healthy before moving onto checking the teeth.

Now it’s time to stick out your tongue and check that you don’t match any of the descriptions below:

If You See White Patches on Your Tongue

White patches on your tongue signify oral candidiasis, which is an overgrowth of yeast or thrush. Try cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush or a tongue scraper every day for a few weeks. If the patches persist, their cause is likely an overgrowth of candida you should visit your dentist to see if they need to prescribe you an anti-fungal drug.


Black and Hairy-Looking

There are a few causes for a black hairy tongue, including yeast infections, diabetes, cancer therapies, and poor oral hygiene. A buildup of dead skin cells on your tongue’s papillae results in the hairy look. No medical care is needed for this condition; simply practice excellent oral hygiene by regularly brushing your tongue (with the aid of tongue scrapers, as needed), and the problem should not persist. Remember to also change your toothbrush regularly.


Ridges on Your Tongue

Ridges occur when your teeth press into your tongue. This usually happens while you sleep. Fortunately, the ridges require no treatment and go away with time.



Bumps/spots on Your Tongue

If you spot bumps on your tongue they are most likely close relatives of the cold sore. These can be caused by many things, including biting, smoking, and stress. Home remedies can work well to treat this perhaps try gargling warm salt water mouth rinses, eating food that is soft and cold as to not agitate the tongue. Avoid foods that might trigger a negative reaction such as greasy foods. Lastly, ensure good oral health care.


You can ensure you stay healthy and your tongue stays looking nice and pink by having a healthy diet, not smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. You should also maintain good oral hygiene this includes daily cleaning of the tongue.

Have a look at what we inspect at our dental health checks…

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