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Thank you I was so nervous of the dentist…

Thank you so much to the dentist and the team. My first visit to you today and as I am a very nervous person you all were very patient and understanding. Excellent service and consideration for your patients. I’ll definitely be returning and recommending you 100%

Will definitely be returning and recommending you 100%.

Ms D.H, Leicester.

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Top tips for getting the best tooth whitening results…

Congratulations, you’ve finally taken the plunge and invested whitening your teeth. Tooth whitening is the simplest thing you can do to transform your smile and improve your overall appearance.

Now you’ve invested into a good home whitening system there are many things you can do to help the dental treatment to run as smoothly as possible and give you the best and whitest pearlies possible!

Here are our top tips for teeth whitening

• Treat any sensitivity

Thankfully our whitening packages – Enlighten Home and Enlighten Ultimate deep teeth bleaching systems don’t cause as many sensitivity problems as other whitening systems. Some minor sensitivity can occur but is usually transient and will soon subside once the treatment is complete.

However, if you do get some sensitivity then it’s important that this treated and you can continue with the treatment. Inside your Enlighten whitening kit, you will find a packet of desensitising swabs simply snap and massage for around a minute into the most sensitive areas of your teeth and of course don’t forget to use the sensitive toothpaste that comes as part of your whitening package.

Ensuring you keep sensitivity at bay will help you to continue with the treatment as prescribed by your dentist and will ensure you complete the full whitening treatment and get the best results.

• Consistency

It will help give you a better result if you carry out the whitening on consecutive nights. With our Enlighten Ultimate package, we advise 14 nights consecutive whitening and in-surgery power whitening on the 15th day. Whitening your teeth this way means we can guarantee you will achieve the lightest shade on the natural tooth scale.

• Diet

Diet is generally what will have caused the discolouration and staining of your teeth, so it makes sense to limit any potential culprits during the whitening process. It’s the usual suspects such as tea, coffee, curry and the not so usual suspects such as bolognese sauce and grape juice! When deciding if something will stain your teeth think if it would stain a white shirt? If the answer is yes then avoid!

If you can’t say no to the morning brew then at least wait a minimum of an hour after taking out your whitening trays.

• Keeping it dry

When putting the whitening trays in at night it’s a good idea to make sure they have dried off from the morning. You can also give the teeth a quick dry with a cotton wool pad before popping them in. The purpose of this is to keep the gel as concentrated as possible by not letting it mix with water or saliva too much.

• Keeping them white

Once you’ve achieved you new white, bright smile you’ll want to keep it that way. Ensure you look after your whitening trays and do a top up treatment several times a year. We usually recommend one or two nights every other month. This will help to lift any staining that has built up in-between.

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