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Introducing The Wand

None of us like to have injections but for some it can be the thing that keeps them away from the dentist usually until they experience incredible pain and can’t take it any longer.

But now there’s an alternative and its called The Wand. The Wand painless injection system was developed to replace the traditional syringe in dentistry.

As much of a revolution as an evolution, this computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system is a logical progression from the syringe which has seen little change since its invention more than 150 years ago.

Dentists leiceseter

With The Wand, dentists can bring one of dentistry’s last remaining antiquated designs into the 21st century.

When it comes to going to the dentist you might not look forward to that appointment. However The Wand makes the visit easier and the experience of dental treatment more comfortable for you and your family.

What can you expect with The Wand?

The first thing you can expect is to smile as The Wand is a computer unit and looks like a modern piece of equipment, unlike an old fashioned syringe

You’ll notice that your dentist will look more comfortable using The Wand handpiece, as it is simply held like a pen.

You might not even know you’ve had an injection – that’s what some patients say – “When are you going to do it?

Your dentist might choose to numb up just one tooth. There will be no numbness of the tongue, cheek or lip. You return to your routine able to drink and smile.

You can expect to be so happy that you tell all your friends and neighbours about your great experience at the dentist.

How does it work?

The Wand uses a small hand piece that looks like a pen.

The Wand gives a supply of anaesthetic in a slow comfortable manner.

The Wand uses a unique new technology, which is unlike any other.

The Wand works at a low pressure and a slow rate that gives an improved anaesthesia.

The Wand works more effectively, resulting in a more pleasant experience

Interested? Then get in touch or speak to your dentist about using The Wand system today.

Genuine Dental Practice in Leicester

great customer care

Following a recommendation by my husband (Shrik’s patient) I decided to leave the Dental Practice which had looked after me for 60+ years and join Smile Essential.

I didn’t know what to expect but found a genuine warm welcome and a really first class professional treatment . I believe that my future dental care is in the most competent hands and can truly recommend this dental practice to anyone who is thinking of joining.

Mrs GB. Leicester

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Why Join a Dental Plan?

dental plans

We understand the importance of being able to provide affordable dental care, with the ever increasing cost of modern day living it’s easy to let your health slip. Your 6 monthly dental check up slips into 7 months, then 8 and before you know it it’s been a whole year since your last dentist visit and your mouth is feeling icky.

Smile Plan our practice membership plan offers a simple way to pay for your regular dental care for the same price as your monthly TV license direct debit. Smile plan membership provides you with a comprehensive programme of maintenance, your regular dental health checks are covered, as are x-rays and 2 hygiene appointments to provide a full mouth clean and maintain gum health.

You’ll save significantly if you need to have any dental treatments as our members can also take advantage of a 15% discount on a wide variety of treatments including dental crowns, dental onlays, dental veneers, tooth coloured fillings, extra hygiene appointments and much more.

So whats the BIG benefit of joining the membership plan?

Patients that attend regularly tend not to need as much dental treatment. During your dental health check the dentist will advise you on any areas that they would like you to pay closer attention to as to avoid treatment. Being proactive when it comes to your dental health is important, if keeping your teeth is important!

There’s so many extras included!

The main benefits you will receive will be-

Six monthly dental health checks
Six monthly hygiene appointments
15% discounts on most treatments including treatments for cosmetic reasons

The bonus benefits-

Worldwide dental trauma insurance
Emergency callout insurance, should you need a dentist in an emergency anywhere in the world
Redundancy protection for 12 months

And it’s all at the great price of just £12.40 a month

This membership is open to all existing patients that may want to budget for their dental care and take advantage of all of the benefits of smile plan.

It’s also open to new patients following a new patient consultation, if you require some dental treatment then you can take advantage of the 15% discount straight away!

How do I pay my membership?

Most patients choose to set up a direct debit that way they don’t have to worry about renewing and at £12.40 a month it’s a nominal amount for receiving first class private dental care. Though we do tailor payment methods to your individual needs so feel free to discuss your preference with a member of our team.

Signing up is easy we just need your bank details and a signature.

Sounds great? Click here to email the team and take care of your dental health for just £12.40 a month

A Family Dental Practice in Leicester

dentist is like a family

I moved to Leicester 20 years ago and registered at Smile Essential Dental Practice.

I have always found all the staff and dental technicians to be polite, friendly and they immediately talk to you by name.

It feels to me like they are a little family. They have looked after mine, my husbands and all of the foster children we have cared for over the years.
Long Live Smile Essential!

Mrs EW. Leicestershire

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