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Considering a white filling…

White filling on teeth

With 84% of all adults having at least one or more fillings and the average adult having 7 fillings. It’s important to understand the different filling options available to you and go over some of the most common questions asked of our dentists at Smile Essential dental practice in Leicester.

Nowadays tooth coloured ‘white’ fillings can be made to look like the surrounding natural tooth. We treat many people at Smile Essential dental practice that are conscious about their silver ‘amalgam’ fillings show when they laugh or smile.

There are 2 main misconceptions about white fillings and silver fillings that our Leicester patients ask are:

Will white fillings be as strong as metal fillings?

The answer to this question has changed over the past 20 years. Dental materials are constantly improving and whilst silver fillings used to be stronger than white fillings, the new improved materials are now just as strong.

Are white fillings more expensive than silver fillings?

All filling costs vary dependant upon the size and location of the filling and tooth. At our dental practice the difference of cost is quite small. White fillings are around £10 more than silver fillings. The difference is mainly due to the higher cost of materials involved with placing a white filling.

So what if you already have silver fillings- should you replace them?

This is best assessed on an individual basis by your dentist. If the fillings aren’t visible and are dentally sound, then often it is considered best to leave until it requires replacing and then opt for a tooth coloured filling.

However, if the filling is visible and it makes you self-conscious when smiling or laughing then do discuss it with your dentist so they can assess it.

Should you always opt for a white filling?

White fillings whilst comparable to silver fillings in strength and longevity may not always be the best option for you. This could be for a number of reasons with probably the most common being moisture control. It’s crucial when placing most tooth coloured fillings to keep the area completely dry for several minutes and this may not be possible for that particular tooth.

Find out more about our tooth coloured fillings here…

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Top quality dentist…

patient testimonial

I was such a nervous patient and it took me ages to build up the courage to come – that and a worsening toothache!

Nik is a top quality dentist and I felt that I was in safe hands. My problem was resolved relatively easily and most importantly the whole experience was pain-free!

I look forward to my future visits with confidence.

Mr J.P, Leicester.

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How we’re taking care of your children’s teeth…

Colgate and the British Dental Association have partnered again this year to raise awareness of good oral health in children. Our dental practice Smile Essential is proud to be supporting this year’s campaign and we hope to make a difference to Leicester children visiting our dental clinic.

Children of Leicester have the highest decay rate across the UK and we hope that participating in the programme we can educate all of the children visiting our practice.

Children’s teeth should last them a lifetime and this is the programmes ultimate goal. Ensuring children’s smiles last a lifetime by teaching them to become Tooth Defenders. Working together with our Smile Essential dental team to help your child become a lifelong Tooth Defender!

We aim to support the programme through colourful displays in our patient lounge, friendly information sheets for children and parents, tooth brushing charts, balloons and some friendly guidance from our highly trained dental team.

7 Steps to ensure your child’s smile lasts a lifetime:

1) Brush teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, before bed and on one other occasion

2) Supervise your child during tooth brushing until they are at least 7 years old

3) Just spit after tooth brushing, rinsing washes the fluoride protection away

4) If your dentist recommends a fluoride mouthwash, use this at a different time from tooth brushing to increase protection throughout the day

5) Reduce the amount and frequency of sugary food and drinks

6) Ensure you visit your dental professional regularly

7) Wear a mouthguard when playing sports

Meet the Tooth Defenders

Top Tip

You can help educate your child about healthy snacks and taking care of their teeth by letting them play some of these fun educational games: Specially designed to help engage your children to keep their teeth for life.

Click here to find out more about how we care for your children’s teeth…

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