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5 Things That Your Dentist Wont Tell You About Toothpaste


We all know about the benefits of brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, but did any of the dentists or dental team at Smile Essential tell you of these 5 nifty little tips that Kim and Agie would be proud of (how clean is your mouth house?).

1) Clean the bathroom sink – Toothpaste contains tiny, natural abrasives, such as silica that work great on shining up your sink, including the taps.

2) Remove odour from hands – The same ingredient that freshens your breath will also remove unpleasant odours from your hands. Just use it that same way you would use hand soap.

3) Remove crayon marks from walls – The mark of every home with a toddler, crayons on the wall. No problem, just squirt a little toothpaste on the walls and scrub with a brush or micro-fiber cloth. Viola – gone.

4) Clean a clothes iron – To clean that gummy residue that occasionally builds up on your iron, just scrub it with some toothpaste. Those little abrasives come in handy again. Just make sure to do this on a cool iron.

5) Remove scuffs from leather shoes – Out of shoe polish right before the big date? No problem, just grab your toothpaste, put a dab on your shoes. Rub with a soft cloth then remove with a damp cloth. Your shoes will look brand, sparkling new.


Top Ten Pongs

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A recent survey carried out for a UK disposal company has revealed the top ten pong’s that really turn our British noses up. Not surprisingly bad breath came in at number 3.

The Top Ten Pongs are-

  1. Babies Nappies
  2. Sewers on a hot day
  3. Bad Breath
  4. Wet Dog
  5. Flatulence
  6. Human Sweat
  7. Rotten Food
  8. Smoking
  9. Smelly Feet
  10. The “juice” at the bottom of your bin

At Smile Essential Dentist, Leicester, we can help you with Bad Breath with dental treatments being simple and effective. I’m afraid the other 9 pongs we cannot help you with.

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