Monthly Archives: February 2021

Say hello to Lauren!

This lovely young lady behind the mask is Lauren. Lauren works with us as a Decontamination Operative at Smile Essential.
In her role as a Decontamination Operative, Lauren is responsible for putting our patients’ interests first and acts to protect them by carrying out procedures to control cross-infection in the dental surgery, an important aspect of patient protection. Lauren also supports the dentists and nurses before dental procedures and ensures that the surgery operates efficiently.

Some fun facts about Lauren!
🧠👩🏽‍⚕️ When Lauren was growing up, she wanted to a Brain Surgeon! (We’re impressed, Lauren!)
⚽️ Lauren loves football and supports Liverpool.
👩‍👧💕 Spot a familiar face? Lauren is also our Receptionist Adeles daughter!
👕👖In her free time, Lauren loves collecting designer clothes and driving. 🚗
🎬🍿 Her favourite film is Contagion, and her favourite TV show is Rick and Morty.

Lauren says that she enjoys working with the rest of the dental team and getting everything organised.

We asked Lauren why she thinks it’s important to visit the dental practice and her answer was perfect! She believes keeping on top of your dental health is essential to prevent illness and pain and that a good smile lightens up your face! We think she’s right!