Monthly Archives: October 2011

Meet our friendly receptionist Adele

Adele has worked at Smile essential for several years now. Adele is one of our most crucial team members for ensuring your time at the practice runs as smoothly as possibly.

The reason I write this post is to share the story of how focused we try to remain on providing good customer service in an era where it sadly seems now that customer service is bottom of the list. We all have our rather unfortunate tales of bad customer experiences and we aim to never feature in them.

A few days ago now we had a very pleasant lady call us accidentally intending to find a dentist that was based closer to her home. After Adele spoke to her and assured her that there was no need to apologise and if she ever required our services then to feel free to give us a call. After half an hour the Lady called back and asked to join our practice after several calls to other dentists she said she was prepared to come out of her way to see us. The reason-

Our great customer service

This is something we strive for throughout your time with us from the patient lounge, to the surgery, to maintaining good communication from explaining any treatment you may require to just helping you get in at a time that best suits.

We wont stop looking to improve either. Some of you may be aware that we recently ran a survey and discovered that more of you would like us to have local papers as well as our variety of magazines. This is being worked on at present and should be with you within a couple of weeks.

If you have any suggestions how we could get even better or would like to join our practice and experience our service for yourselve then give Adele a call on 0116 2891317 or drop us an email