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Life’s a journey

We wanted to share this lady’s journey at Smile Essential as there are so many people in a similar situation. Dental phobia is the most common reason for postponing visits to the Dentist and we hope her story helps you.

“I first came to Smile Essential last December. I had a real fear of the Dentist due to previous bad experiences. Niket was amazing and all the staff at Smile Essential Dentist made me feel calm, relaxed and really well looked after.”

“I had treatment to help with gum disease, I had to lose a couple of my top front teeth, but was fitted with a temporary false teeth. Today I have been fitted with a permanent bridge and am now a very happy, confident lady.”

“I can’t thank Niket and his team enough for all they have done for me.”

Mrs W, Leicester.

All of our Dentist believe that a beautiful smile starts with healthy foundations and any treatment that you wish to be carried out should last.

We have a lot of consultations with new people at Smile Essential wanting to improve their smile. Sometimes it’s simple tooth whitening, sometimes it can be a little more challenging. But we find breaking your treatment down in to small manageable steps helps this journey to become much easier.

If you are ready to take your first step with us and as Mrs W said become ‘happy and confident’. Get in touch with our friendly reception team and ask about our new patient consultation-

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