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Free Tooth Whitening Consultations

 Tooth whitening is one of our favourite cosmetic dental procedures which we perform regularly at Smile Essential. There are a lot of myths surrounding tooth whitening which confuses patients and dentists alike! Questions that come to mind include ‘Do whitening toothpastes work?’ and ‘How long will my teeth stay white for?’

 In the UK we are fortunate to have the British Dental Bleaching Society which aims to answer a lot of the questions surrounding tooth whitening. I have attended the necessary number of lectures and workshops with the BDBS and since 2009 I have been the ONLY gold member of the society based in Leicestershire which shows how dedicated I am to this non-invasive, non-painful, cosmetic form of dental treatment.

I only offer the best tooth whitening procedures, the Enlighten Evolution 3 combination system which gives exceptional whitening results guaranteed. In fact Enlighten Evolution 3 is the only tooth whitening system to guarantee shade B1 or lighter.

Why not give my friendly reception team a call on 0116 2891317 and book your FREE 15 minute tooth whitening consultation?

We look forward to seeing you soon!