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Lion hearted Dentists

Relaxing with my morning coffee and I came about this article in the Mail online. I always enjoy seeeing different side’s of Dentisry. The side the Mail reports on in this article was the Dental Treatment of Lions. The Lion named Tyson lives over in the Santa Fe Zoo in the States the story doesn’t say what’s wrong with Tyson but I am sure he will make a full recovery.

Fortunately here at Smile Essential we tend not to treat so many lions as we like our patients a little less ferocious. But sometimes we understand that it may take a lions amount of courage to pick up the phone and gives us a call especially if you are nervous or feel embarassed thats why we are more then happy to receive email or website enquiries, after all sometimes we all need that extra helping hand even Tyson.

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What should you know about gum disease?

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that destroys the attachment fibres and supporting bone that hold your teeth in your mouth.  Left untreated this disease can lead to tooth loss.  The first signs of gum disease are reddened, swollen or bleeding gums caused by the build up of plaque and known as ‘gingivitis’.  This can be easily prevented by good oral hygiene at home and with the assistance of your dental hygienist. 

Are you at risk?

Some people are genetically predisposed to gum disease so it’s a good idea to check if either of your parents lost teeth as a result of gum disease.

 Smoking can hide the signs of gum disease as well as reduce the positive effects of any treatment. Not to mention all the other harmful effects not related to your gums!

 Stress has been shown to reduce resistance to gum disease meaning people can be susceptible at different times in their lives depending on their lifestyle.

However, regardless of your susceptibility, you and your dentist can keep gum disease in check with good oral hygiene at home combined with regular check ups and the appropriate treatment where necessary.

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