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I am actually looking forward to my dental treatment…

This dentist was recommended by a friend. I have been sceptical in the past with dentists doing unnecessary treatment but Meera made me feel comfortable and listened to my needs. I have another appointment next week and I am actually looking forward to my treatment. I’m sure she will do a fantastic job.

Miss D.G, Leicester

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Is it time to overcome your dental phobia?

Dental phobia certified

Dental phobia can affect a person in varying degrees, slight nerves are fine and perhaps sometimes to be expected. However, a severe phobia of the dentist is a much more serious condition. People suffering from dental phobia usually only show up at the dentist when forced by excruciating pain.

One in four people in the UK suffers from a phobia of the dentist. It’s something that we help many people with at or clinic.

If you’re brave enough to reach out and take the first step by getting in touch; then we see it as our personal mission to help you continue your journey to becoming dentally fit (and hopefully a lot less scared!).

Various factors can keep someone from the dental chair, including a bad experience in the past, fear of injections, and feelings of helplessness. Our dentists are a friendly bunch and have set certain standards of care especially for nervous patients. We are proud that our efforts have culminated in achieving Dental Phobia Certification.

At Smile Essential dental practice, we take your anxiety seriously. As dentists, we understand you may feel embarrassed about your problems, but you need not worry, we are here to help. We are confident that by working together, we can help you to overcome your fears and give you a smile that beams with pride.

All our dentists and dental assistants have ongoing training in pain management and the treatment of anxious patients. We also have a STOP signal, so that if at any time during treatment you feel pain or are uncomfortable, we will stop the treatment and do all we can to help. As the patient, you are always in control.

Fear of pain is a common dental issue especially surrounding dental injections. We routinely use a topical gel or spray to numb the area for all patients to help prevent any discomfort. Patients that have an extreme dislike of needles should consider ‘The Wand’. The Wand is a digital method of delivering anaesthetic which prevents the pain associated with traditional injections. It ensures anaesthesia is delivered in a pain-free manner.

If you’re ready to take the next step speak to one of our friendly team for guidance and support 0116 2891317

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Changing my life…

patients review

I was so nervous before my first appointment, but Meera and Alice put me at ease from the very beginning. I became so trusting of their work and compassion. Now as I am coming to the end of this stage of my treatment I would just like to thank Meera, Alice, and the rest of the staff at Smile Essential. You are really changing my life.

Mr B.A, Leicester.

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Celebrating our teams hard work…

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We are celebrating the news that we have retained our Investors in People (IIP) status and achieved an additional recognition by securing a Silver Award, placing our practice in a small minority of organisations in the country to achieve this feat.

Investors in People is a nationally recognised standard awarded to organisations that show excellent people management leading to improved business performance.

The Silver status was awarded to us after a day of intense assessment involving a random sample of staff within the practice and covering things such as communications, learning and development, and continuous improvement.

To enable us to achieve this level of accreditation we were assessed against the Investors in People profile framework of good practice. This framework provides further challenges for Smile Essential by looking beyond the standard Investors In People framework. This gives us an indication of how good we are in certain areas and what areas we need to focus on to improve our People Management.

Niket Patel said, “I’d like to thank everyone within Smile Essential for helping us achieve this positive accolade. It’s an excellent acknowledgement of our developing ‘people first’ culture and our ongoing commitment to learning and continuous improvement.