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It’s the small touches that make me love this dental practice…


It’s the small touches when I visit Smile Essential Dental Practice that I really love. The reception team are really friendly and welcoming. If the dentist is running a little behind they offer to make me a cup of tea.

They are great with my kids and Nik lets them push the buttons to make the chair go up and down. My children really look forward to going to see the dentist!

I highly recommend Smile Essential.

Mrs P.C, Kirby Muxloe, Leicester.

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Avoid costly mistakes when choosing a dentist with these 5 tips for choosing a new dentist…

Your smile plays a major role in how you perceive yourself and the impression you make on those around you. It’s long been known and many surveys show that your smile is what both men and women find most attractive above any other physical feature. It can gain people’s affections, reassure somebody and it can create confidence. But it can also hold you back if you’re not confident with your smile due to dental problems.

A great smile doesn’t just happen, it takes a good dentist, good advice and great at home dental care. The first step is getting the right advice from a dental practice you feel comfortable and confident with.

Here are our top tips for choosing a dentist:

  1. Check them out online. Look for dental reviews, check they are on the GDC register. Look at their website – do they look professional, friendly, what does their dental surgery look like? Will you feel comfortable there? Do they have any dental awards or dental accreditations such as BDA Good Practice that prove their credibility?
  1. What are your specific fears around dentists? If you’re scared of injections- do they offer anything to make it more comfortable? Many things can be done nowadays to overcome this problem one thing we do is to apply a numbing gel to the gum beforehand so it’s much more comfortable.
  1. Where are they? You need somewhere you are able to get to easily either for treatment or routine care. Travelling to far afield can lead to further anxiety. Perhaps look at one close to home or work. If you have to travel for more than 30 minutes it could cause further anxiety, so try to stay local.
  1. What are their prices are they affordable? Do they have a member’s plan that enables you to budget for your routine dental care and receive a discount if you do require treatment? A dentist should always give you a full treatment summary involving any costs when you go for your dental health check. Nobody likes surprise bills!
  1. Give them a call and see if the receptionist is friendly, are they helpful and can they answer your questions? A good dental practice and customer experience starts with that first phone call. Dentists should be aware that potential new patients will be anxious and cater for this. Sometimes this phone call is an indication of the care you will receive.

We pride ourselves on delivering world class customer service and dentistry. Here’s why we think you should choose Smile Essential for your dental care.

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I was so nervous about seeing the dentist…

Dental Phobic Happy Story

I was so nervous about seeing the dentist and hadn’t been for years. When a friend recommended that I come to Smile Essential.

Everyone here was so patient with me and while I’m still a little anxious about coming, I can at least make it to an appointment!  I feel confident Nik and the rest of the dental team at Smile Essential I will continue to come.

Mrs J.C, Leicester.

Did you know we have been awarded Dental Phobia Certification? Find out how we can help you here

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Why you should never put these everyday things in your mouth…

Hot Roast Potatoes – Listen, we love a roast potatoes as much as the next person but those little roasties can be a furnace of heat! It isn’t roast potatoes we’re advising against but burning hot roasties that could cause you some serious mouth burns.

Toffee – This one tends to be a Christmas a special. If you’ve ever had jaw ache from chewing toffee you’re not alone. But all that chewing could dislodge a filling, we see this so often in the dental clinic. Another drawback of toffee is the sticky sugary nature of it, it gets stuck to your teeth and causes them to be under attack for longer.

Ice cubes – We’ve seen a few people at Smile Essential Dental Practice with broken teeth or fillings after chewing on ice cubes. It’s surprisingly common for people to suck on ice cubes. They may be sugar-free but the irresistible urged to crunch could land you an unnecessary trip to see the dentist.

Pens – Whilst they’re not very tasty this little pen nibbling habit could chip one your front teeth. Absent-mindedly chewing on pen lids or tops is notorious for creating little chips in your teeth. If you have already have had dental work done such as crowns, veneers or fillings it could chip them off, making that a very expensive habit.

Bottle and jar lids – It’s frustrating not being able to get into your favourite jar of pasta sauce or open a beer when you can’t find a bottle opener, but do so at your peril! The extra pressure you put on your teeth might cause a crack so big it requires extensive dental treatment.

M&M’s – Yes we love M&M’s too! M&M’s are high in sugar but that’s not what has earned them a place in ‘7 things you should never put in your mouth’, it’s the hard nature of them. Again we have seen patients that were munching away on M&M’s and broke a filling. If you haven’t got any fillings approach with caution and keep in moderation but if you have a number of fillings it’s probably best to avoid altogether.

Fizzy drinks – Fizzy drinks are a cocktail for decay, they combine many various negatives components. The high sugar content which causes decay combined with the acidity with weakens the teeth, the frequent sipping keeps your teeth under attack and the fact the liquid washes around all of your teeth makes it a recipe for disaster. This includes diet fizzy drinks.

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Lovely, kind and understanding…

I hadn’t been to see a dentist for 12 years. I was terrified. I was recommended to Nik at Smile Essential. I was put at ease straight away, all the staff were friendly and helpful. Nik was lovely so kind and so understanding he listened to my worries and my treatment was painless. I am no longer nervous about visiting the dentist.

I would recommend Nik and his amazing team to anyone.. keep up the good work best dental practice in Leicester!!

Mrs M.W, Braunstone Leicester.

Here’s what to expect from becoming a valued patient with us…

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Very happy dental patient…

happy patient testimonial

I’ve been bringing my family to Smile Essential for around 6 years and would never go anywhere else. I love their focus on preventative care and they have applied protective coats and fluoride treatment on my children’s teeth when we first went. I’m pleased to say that they have never had to have a filling!

I’m very happy with this dentist.

Mrs C.H, Kirby Muxloe, Leicester.

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Your Dental Care Covered…

Smile dental nurse

With almost a thousand of our Leicester patients now benefiting from our membership plan – smile plan. Is it time you started to ensure your dental heal is covered.

Members benefits include:

  • 6 monthly dental health checks. This includes a mouth cancer screening, all necessary x rays and photographs.
  • 6 monthly hygiene appointments. These appointments with the dentist/hygienist include a thorough assessment of your gum health, fresh breath treatment, techniques to prevent gum disease, periodontal advice, and most of all, the thorough removal of built-up plaque that causes decay and a polish that refreshes your smile.
  • 15% discount on most dental work you may require – including most cosmetic treatments.
  • 12-month guarantee on all restorative work (provided due care has been taken).
  • Priority appointments for your convenience.
  • Same day assessment of dental emergencies and dental pain, when the practice is open.
  • Dispensing of most antibiotics.

If you’re away from home it’s handy to point out the following benefits of the membership:

  • Emergency call out*
  • Dental insurance for treatment needed anywhere in the world as a result of accidental damage to your teeth*
  • Worldwide emergency call-out*

*Please see your individual practice plan term and conditions to see what exactly is covered.

At Smile Essential dental practice we are completely committed to providing our patients with the best quality dental care. We want to spend more time with our patients and provide prompt treatment using the latest techniques and best quality dentistry, we find our membership plan enables our patients to fully take care of their dental health.

If you require any further information about Smile Plan please contact our practice team on 0116 2891317 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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