Is it time us Brits straightened up?

cosmetic braces to straighten teeth

In an episode of the Simpsons, a dentist tries to persuade a young patient (Ralph) into taking better care of his teeth by showing him ‘The Big Book of British Smiles’! Whilst the old American stock joke may have held some truth in a bygone era it certainly isn’t true anymore.

Spending on cosmetic dental treatments is certainly on the increase with spending reaching £1.86bn last year in the UK, according to market research group Mintel.

Celebrities have played a big role in the increase of smile makeovers. We only have to look at the culture of shows such as the X-factor, transforming people into superstars would not be complete without the customary smile makeover.

The favoured choice for improving one’s smile was once veneers but this was deemed by most dentists a little too destructive of otherwise healthy teeth and was financially out of reach for most.

Nowadays if people want to transform their smiles they (and dentists) would prefer to go down a more conservative route and keep their teeth as natural as possible. That’s why we absolutely love the latest advancement in tooth alignment technology – cosmetic braces.

A great smile doesn’t have to be absolute perfection but it does require 3 essential components –

• Healthy
• Straight
• Bright

The benefits of straight teeth aren’t just that your smile will look great. A key benefit to straight teeth is that they are much easier to clean. Straight teeth will help to reduce your risk in developing gum disease often caused by difficulty cleaning due to misaligned teeth.

The type of cosmetic braces we use are strictly for adults. They work by aligning only the teeth visible in your smile.

The cosmetic brace systems we use are:

Fast– You will have straight teeth in about four to nine months with the average treatment time of six months
Discreet– the wires and brackets are white and clear
Affordable– the short treatment time dramatically cuts the cost

Many adults are now realising that fixing their uneven smile is quite straightforward and actually improves the overall health of the mouth. They can have a cosmetically pleasing brace for a short period of time and at half of the cost of conventional orthodontics.

BONUS! We also offer complimentary tooth whitening with all of our cosmetic brace treatments at our Leicester clinic. So you can have straight, healthy and white teeth.

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