I was blown away by the thumb sucking aid…

thumb sucking solution

Thumb sucking is something we see often at Smile Essential Dental Practice. Problems start to arise when the habit isn’t broken by the age 4. If thumb sucking isn’t stopped it can lead to problems with tooth position and may require braces later in childhood or adult years to correct.

thumb sucking leicesterWe advise patients to discourage their children from thumb sucking and review it at every 6 month dental appointment. We discovered the Thumbsie® when one of our patients came in proudly wearing one, up until then we have never heard of the Thumbsie® thumb guard. We loved it and her mum let us take a picture. This is one gadget that seems to be working and a thumb guard can help children to stop sucking their thumb.

Thumbsie® was created by a mum of three girls when her third daughter couldn’t stop sucking her thumb. Her daughter’s problem was that she didn’t know when she was sucking her thumb. The Thumbsie® thumb guard can help act as a visual reminder for those children who want to stop thumb sucking but need some help at times such as on a car journey or when watching television. The fabric thumb guards are suitable for children aged 3 – 12 years. They are comfortable to wear and for best results are worn day and night. The Thumbsie® comes in a great range of fabrics, so there should be something for every child.

Lots of children stop sucking their thumb naturally, however dental problems may arise if thumb sucking is prolonged. A lot of the comforting a child associates with thumb sucking is to do with texture and the Thumbsie® is a great solution to help any child break their habit.

Here’s a great parent review from Hannah

“She has been wearing her Thumbsie for ten days now and my husband and I are blown away with how successful they have been. I never thought it could be this easy. She hasn’t sucked her thumb since putting one on, despite being a prolific thumb sucker since she was 5 weeks old – she is now 5! I am so proud of her, especially as it took me until I was 11 to stop sucking mine! The transformation has been wonderful to watch, she is much more engaged in family life and seems much happier and more up for trying new things. We have a different child!.”

Hannah mum to 5 year old daughter Illana

Whether your child is a thumb sucker or a finger sucker Thumbsie® have a solution for you. Check them out by clicking here…

thumb sucking soloution