Do you know the 4 early signs that could mean you have tooth decay?

Very early tooth decay can often go unnoticed. Sometimes signs and symptoms of dental decay don’t present themselves immediately and often people will overlook any signs as the tooth decay progresses.

So here are our top 4 early indicators for you to look out for:

1) Discolouration- white, grey or black spots. These could all indicate that tooth decay may be present.

2) Sensitivity- sensitivity to hot, cold and/or sweet things could all be an indicator of tooth decay. If you notice that there is one particular tooth or area that is sensitive and you don’t generally suffer from sensitive teeth, then this could be an indicator of tooth decay.

3) Bad Breath. The bacteria present in tooth decay can cause bad breath. If there is a hole (cavity) in the tooth then the smell could also be coming from food that is being trapped and is rotting.

4) Toothache or tenderness. This is usually the point that someone calls to book an appoinmrnt. Often people will wait until they experience toothache before realising that they have dental decay.

By far the most simple and effective way of detecting early tooth decay is by visiting your dentist. The equipment used by our Leicester dentists will often detect tooth decay before any of the above signals appear and the tooth decay worsens.

If your concerned you may have tooth decay then give us a call or email for advice…