7 smile super powers…

Smiling is something that generally comes easily to most and it’s often suggested nothing more than a simple smile. But smiling is much more powerful than that. There are also all sorts of advantages to smiling that you’re probably not aware of. Read on to see how many of these smiley super powers you rely on.

Super Power One: Fix a social faux pas
Embarrassing social situations can be the worst. But with a little know-how, you could easily elicit a feeling from other people to show a little empathy. An embarrassed smile we look down and sometimes we emit a silly little laugh.

Super Power Two: Laws of Attraction
Opposites really do attract when it comes to the rules of attractiveness. If a woman smiles and makes eye contact with a man then he will approach her and it’s deemed an attractive quality.
However, if a man smiles too much at a woman then it’s thought his masculinity is brought into question and he seems less attractive.

Super Power Three: Smile to live longer
Smile to live a longer, healthier and happier life. Happier people tend to lead richer more fulfilling lives. Appreciating the small things in life in turn leads to less stress, a healthier mind and body.

Super Power Four: Smile to shake off stress
Smiling makes us feel good even when we don’t, so force a small smile when you’re feeling stressed and try to gain perspective on your situation. When smiling it’s believed a chemical reaction takes place and feel good hormones get released and this could help to reduce your stress level.

Super Power Five: Get others to trust you
Smiling can help people to trust you, it shows that you are friendly, approachable and have nothing to hide. It’s thought to give your smile real value and authenticity you should show your teeth whilst smiling.

Super Power Six: Smile for leniency
This part we think gets perfected during childhood and it can work towards your advantage during adulthood too! Next time you make a mistake smile. Just like a naughty child when they have have gotten into mischief – look innocent, sorry and this time don’t show your teeth else you might look too happy!

Super Power Seven: Smile to make money
A smile can have real value in the world of work at all levels. To see this you only have to look at yourself and your own actions every day. Did you tip the smiling waitress? Give to happy charity collector? It’s an age-old system that has always worked to give you what you want and in the world of work, that means money.

Know the value of your smile.

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